LEAD Leadership Program, the seven days unique residential camp with boundless learning, exposure, and entertainment emphasizes practical learning over classroom learning. The lucky 60 students who are pursuing a degree, diploma, or completed 10+2 had an opportunity to be a part of the LEAD Leadership Program 2020. It was organized in the second week of December, that is, from 12th December 2020 to 18th December 2020 at Deshpande Skilling, Hubballi.  The Leadership Program combines hands-on learning experience in understanding practical leadership, team building, critical thinking, creativity, networking, goal setting, and entrepreneurial mindset through inspiring guest speaker sessions, individual mentorship, activities, leadership actions, and live exposure visits to industries and community-based organizations to foster practical, critical, and creative thinking ability within the students. Let us go through the 7 precious days of LLPian’s in the program.  DAY 1-  The most awaited day for the LLPians started on 12th December, began with an introduction of each student with a game in which every student had to attach an adjective before their name, followed by sharing their expectations from the camp. Later on, different committees were made to maintain discipline throughout the camp. All the LLPians were taken for COVID-19 test before the camp starts in order to maintain the safety of everyone.   After that, LEAD mentors conducted an activity named Jumping rope, which was in alignment with the goal-setting. It taught LLPians that each person should have a specified goal that should be planned and achieved with proper techniques.  The next activity was the Mirror activity that aims at team building and was organized by Mr. Abhinandhan. LLPians learned observation skills, listening skills, effective use of five senses, teamwork, and belief in others. After this, an interesting session by Mr. Prakash Goudar, The President of the Green Army, was organized in which he explained about different types of birds and their styles. He introduced earth-created, birds’ spices, the role of birds in pollination, and how birds help to grow a tree. DAY 2- Day 2 of LLP2020 started early morning at 5 AM with an exciting walk to Nature’s First Eco Village. LLPians could explore unseen flora, their 16 eco-friendly sustainable models, major projects like Mitti cool, Keystone trees, windmill, disease prevention, domestic composition, rainwater harvesting, and bio compound wall, and learn about the Eco Village with Mr. Harshvardhan Shilwant and Mr. P. V. Hiremath. LLPians also learned how flora and fauna are interdependent, about 16 ideas to be implemented as an alternative for the pollution causing machines like eco-friendly fridge instead of the electricity fridge, and how human intervention is creating an imbalance in their life. After these sessions, it was time for hands-on learning. LLPians gathered in the garden with Mr. P. V. Hiremath who taught them about seed balls and how to sow seeds on a farm. After an amazing day, LLPians had a wonderful surprise: that is a fire camp. It was done for the first time in LLP camp history. LLPians enjoyed the evening by singing, dancing, and stand up comedy in front of the fire camp. DAY 3-  Day 3 of LLP2020 started with wonderful and energy-boosting exercises. LLPian did running in the ground for 2km followed up with warm-up and LLPian Vaishnavi taught them Karate moves. After an exercise session, and a delicious breakfast, LLPians had a session about Email Etiquettes from Mr. Krishnaji. Many use Email, but hardly a few use it professionally, so this session helped LLPians understand the use of Emails professionally.The second session was conducted by Mr. Gurusiddayya on the topic- LEADership. He organized a debate through which he explained the qualities required to be a good leader. He addressed that leadership is based on personal power and not on position power. After this session, LLPians played two games: My vision and Mental model through which the LLPians were taught about how to achieve their goals by overcoming the hurdles and methods to work consciously and positively in every situation.  DAY 4- 4th Day of LLP2020 unfolds with an amazing session by Mr. Krishnaji on effective presentation. He addressed students about the dos and don’ts during the presentation. The next session for the day was conducted by Mr. Gurusiddayya on understanding others. They were made to play an interesting game of Secret call mining and Chinese Whisper that taught them how to work with a team and the importance of passing a clear message to others.  A while later, Ms. Anisha Cardoza conducted a session on communication topics. She taught the skills required to be a good communicator as well as explained the importance of communication in our life. Next, an activity was organized: A birthday lineup that emphasized effective listening, coordination, teamwork, management, implementation, and action. After the activity, another session on LEADership operated during which LLPians learned about abbreviations like GOOP, SMART, and SBI. DAY 5- The 5th day morning started with a yoga session by Mr. Rakesh. He taught LLPians Asanas and shared the importance and benefits of each asana. On this day, LLPians had a mismatched day to celebrate. Next, it was time to learn about Marketing strategies by Mr. Iranna Rotti, Deputy Director of MEDP(Micro-Entrepreneurship Development Program) where he briefed about the important features for marketing strategies. Accompanied by a small activity in which Mr. Harish taught students to make face mask shields at low cost and how to sell these face mask shields and get the best prices.The last session for the day was led by Mr. Abhinandhan, Mr. Nagaraj, and Mr. Gangadhar on creativity. It was a great opportunity for LLPians to think, explore, and work on preparing a creative item using waste materials and then sell it in front of the campus. LLPians used various marketing strategies like social media to sell their products and received a total amount of Rs. 16809 out of which 50 percent will be given to Samarthan Trust for Disables, Dharwad.    DAY 6- The morning of day 6 started with a Yoga session by Mr. Rakesh. LLPians learned Yoga along with Pranayama to get relaxation and a peaceful mind. After the yoga session, LLPians attended a session on design thinking by Mr. Abhinandhan. They learned that design thinking is a work that helps to systematically extract, teach, learn, and apply human-centered techniques to solve problems creatively and innovatively. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is about how it works! Next off, it was the time for an exposure visit at Deshpande Startup where LEADers could observe and learn about 3D Labs, Makers Lab, and 5U Labs. CEO of Deshpande Startup, Mr. Rajiv Prakash, and his teammate, Amruth Patil interacted with LLPians and explained to them how startups will help in the future and the qualities of a good entrepreneur. After this, Surekha and Suresh from MEDP briefed about micro-entrepreneurship, market linkage, value addition, and other related topics. Followed by Mr. Mahesh who shared his entrepreneur story and the beneficiary of micro-entrepreneurship. In the evening, Mr. Mahesh Hendry taught students about the methods to deal with the most common emotions: fear, sadness, and anger. He also suggested LLPians read books like The Security and The power of subconscious mind. After his session, Mr. Tousif Makandar from Deshpande Skilling interacted with LLPians and addressed about communication skills, vi-resume writing, resume writing, powerful interview, and effective introduction. LLPians had a mock interview with Mr. Tousif as an experience. Later, Mr. Sangamesh Chakrasali explained about different types of snakes and their characteristics. It was a fascinating session for the LLPians, as they learnt a lot about varieties of snakes, saw different types of snakes in real life, and their superstitions about snakes were diminished completely. DAY 7- The last day of LLP2020, started with a session with Mr. Veerendra Patil, Founder of Zebu Animation who addressed LLPians on topic- Animation through zoom platform. He encouraged students to become a problem solver and suggested learning software designing if they were interested. After the session, it was time for graduation. Mr. P. N. Nayak, the COO of Deshpande Skilling, Dr. Nagaraj Kammar, Inspector at Gokul, Hubballi, and Mr. Guranguada, Director of Deshpande Skilling were present as guests. LLPians were happy to learn so many things in just 7 days and also sad as the journey was coming to end. “LLP2020 was amazing. In schools and colleges, we learn many things. But we won’t remember everything for life long. In LLP, we were taught so many things in such a way that we can’t forget the learnings from the activities and sessions in our whole life. Even if someone wakes me up from sleep and asks me something about LLP, I would be ready to answer them with complete zeal,” says LEADer Vaishnavi.

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Written By: Priyanka Kammar

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