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Maglev Generator

Team LEADer: AtheeqLocation: REC College

The Maglev Generator works on two principles: magnetic levitation which
gives rise to the Maglev rotor of the generator, and induction which causes DC electricity generation.

The idea came to LEADer Atheeq when he saw a generator with a rotor that was wound very
tightly (more friction), which required more energy to produce power. This problems inspired him to create a frictionless rotor i.e. a Maglev Rotor, which uses less energy and produce more power to some extent when compared to normal generators. From these Maglev generators we can save fuel energy.

When batteries are connected circularly around the Maglev
rotor, because of opposite magnetic fields produced by the batteries the rotor starts
to rotate free with very high rpmm which sets the dc motor working. From this mechanical energy gets converted into electrical power which lights the LED.

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