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Health and hygiene to be at priority.





Along with the academic education, providing health and hygiene knowledge to school students at an early age is important. Especially to girls it’s of great importance to make them aware about menstruation. Briefing them about the good and bad practices, how few habits might cause problems, how to deal with the pain suffered, how to manage their health during menstrual cycles, and aware them about taboos set by few people during menstrual  cycles is really needed. 


LEADer Pavani from Govt Polytechnic College, Chitradurga, Karnataka lead a great step towards helping girls. She visited 4 government schools and conducted awareness sessions for girls. She explained to them about good and bad practices to be followed during menstrual cycles. From the tiny things to be followed to the care to be taken, she briefed everything to them. She also spoke about the taboos put a girl during menstrual cycle.  


She reached out to around 150 girl students at four schools of standard 5th to standard 8th.  Along with hygiene awareness, she also donated medical kit to each school. The kit contained gloves, bandages, scissors, cotton, metal tweezers which cost around Rs.180 for each kit. Students were happy and blessed to learn and understand about menstruation. Girls thanked LEADer Pavani because they were grateful to her initiative as no one had ever openly spoken and informed them about menstruation. The teachers also appreciated and thanked Pavani to provide the medical kit to school. 


This initiative brought happiness to LEADer Pavani. She was able to learn about the convincing skills, leadership skills, and courage to speak. This initiative has really helped the girls to be aware of the facts at the time of menstruation and it has taught them how they should take care. 

Written by: Priyanka Kammar
Email ID : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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