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My Story – Immanual Pathare


Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor –James A Baldwin

The true meaning to the above quote is very hard to understand but LEADer Immanual has learned it through experience. He is one of them who has been through a lot of hardships in life which has in turn made him a giving person. He has very inspiring mind-set, I might be a bit poor but there are people who cant afford the things that I can. This has driven him to help the society in a greater cause.

LEADer Immanual wanted to do many beneficial things for the society but was unable to do as he couldnt find a perfect platform. LEAD came to his rescue in such a situation. When the LEAD Orientation Program took place at his college, he knew that was a place to be for him.

LEADer Immanuel has done many projects in a very short duration. In the beginning, he would only give ideas to his friends but not go forward to do the job as he thought he was not as good as others. But, he is one such person who learns through experiences. With increasing projects, his courage grew which has lead him into being an incredible LEADer now.



He has worked over 20 zero level projects in groups and 2 major initiative projects. He has now shifted to LEADership Challenges which has completely given him a complete new experience.

The very thing that makes a LEADer is facing challenges and tackling them. LEADer Immanual is one perfect example of this. He has very different way to manage is time. Everyone frees up their schedule to work on LEAD projects but LEADer Immanual utilises whatever free time he can gather and plans to do more work than whatever he has planned. You can never say when you can get free time to do your project so utilize the present time completely, states LEADer Immanuel.


LEADer Immanuel also explained how one can tackle criticism through his own experience. It is commonly seen that people around LEADer say, You dont get paid to work, then what is your benefit. LEADer Immanuel says, When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain. The appreciation from the people we help is more than enough to benefit ourselves.

LEAD has helped LEADer Immanuel transform himself. He says he one a very shy person who wouldn’t come forward to speak. He had problems with communication skills and also his confidence in himself lacked. All of these qualities changed when LEAD became a part of his life. He now sees himself as a very confident person who can easily speak to a crowd without any fear. He says there are just too many things to list if asked how LEAD has helped him change his life. He is very thankful to be a part of LEAD and is looking forward to do as much possible for the same cause in future.

He once came across few students close to his house. these kids were affected by Dengue. Within no time these kids died because of the disease. Immanual was highly touched by this incident. The death of innocent kids made him come up with an initiative to prevent the disease. He decided to have a pest control in all neighboring areas. He covered areas of Hubballi and Dharwad. He along with team set on a mission of fogging and covered 48 areas which included 30 residential areas and 15 slum areas this approximates to 62,000 people.The people of the locality appreciated the initiative as the work which was suppose to be done by the government was done by him. The public also supported this initiative.Unlike the general Government projects, this initiative was done with perfection. All the houses and streets were covered under this project. This definitely was an important step towards disease control.

He was awarded as the best LEADer for this project in the yuva summit 2018


Written by – Amruth Savadatti

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