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NAMMURA SAMBRAMA- A Majestic Food Fest!


Can we imagine staying without food? No. Right! Many of us crave for delicious food most of the time. Food fest adds an exquisite flavor to our cravings. An appetizing food fest- “NAMMURA SAMBRAMA,” Live with Enthusiasm, was organized by Deshpande Koutilya Fellowship 09-10 fellows in collaboration with Deshpande Koutilya Fellowship and LEAD. There were more than 14 different varieties of food showcased, 1380 pre-orders received from customers leading to collection of 28643 rupees from pre-orders, and 100’s of students enjoyed their favourite snacks. The motto of the food fest majorly focused and aimed to teach marketing skills like Product Development, Promotion, Product Planning, and Pricing and Product Selling skills to the students.

A successful event is not something that can be organized within minutes, hours or a day. It is a process with organized steps. Pre-event preparation is a must to conduct any event. The same was executed by DKF fellows. Prior to the event, fellows approached each cohort and enrolled the 14 different teams along with their products. They planned all the requirements, strategies and prepared a presentation on their planning. The presentation was then presented to the program managers who shared their feedback. Once the discussions were done and the plan was finalized, DKF fellows were now ready to execute the planning of the event.

When it comes to an event, an investment is needed, isn’t it? But the method of investment in this event was something unique and interesting. You will be amazed to know that the event was not organized based on directly investing money. Rather, LEADers were given an exciting task of promoting their food products with coupons and convincing the customers to buy the coupons and organize the event with zero budget. This made them practically experience the marketing scenario. The customers were none other than the staff of DKF and other LEADers. Based on the promotion and selling of coupons, LEADers managed to collect 28,643 rupees advance amount by more than 1380 pre-orders. 

The food fest was organized on 25th March 2021. Inauguration of the function was started by watering the plants in presence of prominent guests Mr. Gurangouda Kurgund, Mr. Rajabali Managalagi, Mr. Ravi Chavan, Mr. Abhinandan Kavale, and Mr. Devindra Ankalaga. Students organized a few competitions like typing texts and treasure hunts. Also few team building activities and cultural events were conducted. All the guests were very enlightened to attend the event. Mr. Rajabali said,“Management events will help students to understand and identify the right products and the needs of customers” in his speech. While, Mr. Ravi Chavan said, “Micro level events will help students in future.” It was pleasant to have the great words said by all the guests. Mr. Jagadeesh Hanchinal inaugurated the food stalls by cutting the ribbon. The students, the guests, the staff members and the participants enjoyed the fest to the fullest. At the end of the event, LEADers conducted cultural activities like dances and songs and entertained the audience with a positive vibe.

 The event taught the LEADers the management skills, marketing skills, and the concept of marketing mix. Marketing mix is a key foundation on which most modern marketing strategies and business activities are based. And the 7Ps of marketing mix are: Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Physical Evidence, People, and Processes. One of the LEADers said, “This type of event will help us to start our own venture.” 


Mr. Manjunath Katenhalli, staff from DET Skilling expressed, “It was a significant event. I am sure this must have expanded fellows’ horizons to think creatively, taking risks at work, delivering tasks in time which are the most essential qualities of a LEADer.” While Mr. Devindrappa Ankalaga, Program Manager DKF exclaimed, “Congratulations to all. It was one of the best events of the year 2020-21 and this event has marked new learning in students.” Most of the people who attended the event appreciated the fellows too by saying, “It was a great Sambrama for us”.

LEAD congratulates and appreciates the efforts of fellows for an astounding event and wishes good luck to all.

Written By- Priyanka Kammar
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