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Is population growth a boon or a curse?


It’s 2020 and around 7.8 billion humans are present on our planet Earth. This huge amount of people stay on one single planet in hundreds of countries, with various kinds of races and religions. But when it comes to an individual country, we Indians are one of the most populated countries in the world. We hold around 17.9% of the world’s population after China. We might overtake China in the upcoming years.


It’s really great, we have lots of human resources. Presently, India has a huge population of the age between 15-59 (that is 49.8℅ of India’s present population) which is the working-age and along with this, India is one of the fastest growing economical country in the world and someday, we will be one of the strongest economically independent country in the world.


Since the last decade, the population of India is increasing very fast and today we have 135.26 crores. We have huge land and abundant natural resources. We are blessed with all kinds of seasons and climatic conditions and most of the Indian population is dependent on agriculture where 60% of our Indian land is used for agriculture and the rest of the land is used for urbanization and industrialization.

Today we might have a huge population, but are we aware of what might happen in the future?

  • Increase in the unemployment rate

Yes, having a huge population is almost a drawback for developing countries. Especially, when it comes to India. Today only 5% of the Indian population is in extreme poverty, but the constant increase in the cost of living might increase the rate of poverty. Today, our Indian unemployment rate is 23.5%, and most of the employees are working at very low wages and it’s actually harder to meet their own expenses.

  • Extension of natural reserves.

As the population increases, our dependence on natural resources will also increase. And continuous use of natural resources will also increase the cost of living and someday the sources will also get exhausted.

  • Increase in the cost of living.

As most of the employees are working at low wages, it becomes hard to meet their own expenses because the cost of living is increasing. Even most of the children can’t continue their higher education as their parents can not pay for expenses. This happens with all the middle and lower class people. India has a huge population range between the middle and lower class.


  • And many more things can happen which we can not predict.

Things like Covid-19 a pandemic, war, trade, and cybercrime will also be increased. This will directly affect the population of the country. This may lead to shortage of food, problems in medical facilities, transportation issues, and most importantly there will be an increase in poverty rate which will lead to loss of lives.


Can we control the population rate? How can we control it?

  • One-child policy. 

Considering the population growth rate in India, we should try to implement the one-child policy. Where, today both the men and women are working to meet their own expenses and to afford a good living for children, most of the parents can’t even spend valuable time with their own child. It’s better for them to have one child and take proper care of the child.


  • Awareness

Awareness is most important nowadays, day by day we see lots of innovation and changes in our surroundings. We need proper knowledge about everything in our social life. Family planning is also needed for every new couple to have a good balance in life.


  • Educating children from the beginning

Educating the present generation for better tomorrow is important. Educating them regarding family planning and social lifestyles will lead to a better and well-balanced life for a person. When we have something in limit then it’s best, when we have something in excess then it gets dangerous for us.

Even the population is boon when it’s in the limit. So, let’s live a healthy life and better today for the best tomorrow.


Written By: Swaroop Kotagi

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