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Prayana: A Life Changing Journey!



Mr DharmenIMG-20171217-WA0068dra Patel, a true leader re-lived his amazing Journey – PRAYANA!! Being a traveller himself, he simply said Like water is to thirsty person, PRAYANA is to a Traveller.” For him, Prayana was not just a few days journey, but also a life changing experience. Mingling and making friends with people without any knowledge of their language, marked his journey. While telling about Prayana, LEADer Dharmendra said, “Prayana taught me that there are no limits and barriers for friendship.” The journey he attended was Karnataka journey, despite of not knowing English and Kannada he mixed with other Prayanees. That invisible bond and understanding between two people brings people closer.


The journey was full of number of destinations. Getting a chance to travel to various beautiful destinations like Manipal, Mysore and BangaloIMG-20171217-WA0063re was one of the best part of his journey. The journey or a tour makes an impression of enjoyment without any boundaries and without any restrictions. And that’s where people do things without any fear even the wrong ones. But discipline is inculcated in Prayana and the same was evident from his words, ” Earlier, Do whatever comes in the mind was what I followed. But after Prayana, I came to know how things are to be managed and why it is important to follow the rules and regulations to make life better, said LEADer Dharmendra. When Prayana is about discipline on the other hand it is also about being confident about yourself. It is also about discovering the best in yourself. LEADer Dharmendra says, “Prayana teaches us how to be your own boss. How Organisation and planning future or any other smallest activity is important by taking people along with the plan. Managing a role as supporter and also as a LEADer plays a great part in planning and organizing.”

IMG-20171217-WA0048 And the last but not least part of Prayana, “ROLE MODELS”. Dharmendra met, Narayan Reddy, 80 years old man but still with unmatchable energy, is organic producer and Legend Veerendra Hegade from Dharmasthala were the most inspiring people Dharmendra has met in the journey. Getting in touch with the finest motivators was a boon to him. From all the sessions LEADer Dharmendra understood that anyone with the hard work and dedication can conquer the world. In all the places Prayanees got the practical exposure about the work of all the role models. The legend Malathi Holla taught him the real beauty of life by sharing her experience. She is the one living example of the success with all the struggles. He shared the stage with such great personalities and clicked selfies with all the inspirations. I mean really who get such opportunities of witnessing the inspiring stories and also to clarify all the doubts? But in LEAD Prayana one experiences all.

The most exciting section of Prayana is, the cultural program which was one of the finest event. For Dharmendra the journey was unexplainable and words are insufficient to IMG-20171217-WA0054describe it. He learnt new things, made new friends for life time. In LEAD Prayana he experienced the best time of his life. Those 15 days of journey has made Dharmendra a better person. After Prayana Dharmendra initiated some projects and also inspired some students to be a LEADer through various projects. For all his dedication and hard work, LEADer Dharmendra has been awarded as the best leader, and also appreciated by ministers. After Prayana he has carried out projects such as, land marking in his village, opening bank accounts for the poor and assuring the same, imparting knowledge and leadership skills. For Dharmendra Prayana was a life changing journey. He says “I have a long way to go and Prayana has taught me that everyone lives for self, but living for others is the perfect cause of living. Truly, Prayana is not just a journey, its a life changing event.


Written By: Swapna Deshmukh


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