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How did LEAD Program helped Narottam to overcome the hurdles in his life!


LEADer Komarelli Narottam, LEAD Proud Alumni is from Bodhan, Nizamabad district, Telangana. His father is a lecturer and a principal in a private intermediate college. He got a free seat in CBIT, Hyderabad. But, he has faced some difficulty to adopt with that atmosphere. He felt lonely and lost hope in his life. He had to dropout from his 2nd year of engineering. After quitting BTech he took a year off to explore himself before joining B.Sc. Then, he joined LEAD from a seminar conducted by Mr. Shridhar in their college in the year 2018. He wanted to build self-confidence and other Leadership qualities. He knew he was lacking confidence before joining LEAD. But, after joining LEAD his life changed drastically. He was very interested and dedicated in doing projects.

So far he has done 17 projects in which some of his major projects include medical camp, blood donation camp, swachh bharat campaign, Agastya science models, career guidance for students, natural farming, conducting quiz competitions in schools, terrace gardening.

He is a member of a foundation in his village named I LOVE MY VILLAGE foundation in Shakkar Nagar. He has conducted a seminar on natural farming which benefited 5 farmers to practice natural farming methods. When it comes to natural farming, he says that everyone will agree to what we say but to apply practically and to make the change they claim it’s not economically feasible but overall the response for his project was good from his parents, teachers and his friends. They all appreciated his hardwork and dedication and the motto to help the society.

The major skills he says he learnt from LEAD was hardworking, practical hands on learning, communication and friendly interaction with people. He says, the main problem during doing things is the different creative mindset of LEADers, which is most required for getting permission from various people and authorities during his project.

He is currently pursuing his B.Sc degree, 3rd year now and simultaneously with hardwork and dedication he finally got his government job. It’s been 7 months since he has taken up his government job in Railways as C&W Assistant. He says, when he attended LLP camp in the year 2018, they visited industries like,

1) Gajanan Rice Industry.

2) Sukhjith Starch Mill.

3) Plastic recycling industry.

And attending LEAD PRAYANA and YUVA SUMMIT in 2019, gave him new exposure, he could make good friends, he got a chance to meet prominent personalities and he learnt a lot about stuff related to life, and since then his life has changed. He is more confident to take up the life challenges than before. LEAD has helped him a lot.  He says,“It’s a great platform for developing ourselves and contributing something to society as a social and civilized human being. Hence, everyone should not think that I can do anything. But, we should first take an initiative and then become the LEADer.”

His advice to the new upcoming youth and LEADers of this country are,

i)Being with and keeping the TEAM united till the end is the first leadership quality I feel.

ii)Accepting the mistakes and learning from it makes it second quality.

iii)Having a good knowledge about the issue that we face.

iv) Should not give up until we succeed.

v) Be a good follower to become a great leader. First follow so that you can be confident about whatever you say .

We, LEAD family wish Komarelli Narottam best wishes for the rest of his life and I hope his personal story inspired you readers a lot.


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