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How did each initiative formed a staircase for the overall transformation of KavyaShree?


LEAD is the platform where I have enjoyed endless opportunities to build my confidence and achieve my goals!,” says Miss. KavyaShree Tirunagari, a LEAD Alumni. Kavya was a student of GAUTHAMI DEGREE COLLEGE, Nizamabad studying BSC. She joined LEAD in the year 2017 on the advice of her friend for self-development. She found LEAD as a platform to perform some of the most social work.

“Before joining the LEAD, I was common like other students. I used to be a sensitive person and have negative thoughts in my mind which kept me low and because of it, I always failed to express myself. I never used to talk to anyone. I always had a fear and I was too shy to mingle up with people. Communication is the key to all the problems but even I was weak in communicating with people,” says Kavya.

As someone said “it’s never too late to make a choice” so she decided to join LEAD and work for herself.


It was one of my best journeys with wonderful  moments. I have attended LEAD Prayana of Telangana in 2018 and as well as 2019. As we always say “life is full of learning” even prayana is!  In prayana, I have learned endless things and explored many things. I was happy to make many new friends across the state, Telangana and I interacted with them without any fear which is one of the best moments in LEAD for me. I got a chance to meet many people, interact, and perform many tasks together. It was a wonderful experience for me. Failure isn’t the end, it’s always a step nearer to success. Prayana kept me motivated all time as attending many sessions with eminent personalities was great to listen to their journey of success. Prayana is the “Life-changing journey” for me.

In 2019, on the final day of prayana that is YUVA SUMMIT was a great experience for me, as I had interacted with prayanee’s from Uttar Pradesh journey and Karnataka journey in Hubli.

Project Meera

During YUVA SUMMIT 2019, one of my project MEERA was selected for the project showcase. It was a wonderful moment for me as I had my project banner and I got a chance to interact with eminent personalities. I was awarded the best project award. It was one of my best achievements and I was totally happy.

Even though we are living in the 21st century most of the people are unaware of many aspects, most importantly is health. Especially when it comes to female’s, menstruation and sanitation are most important. I and my teammates came forward to spread awareness about menstruation and sanitation. We visited over 15 village government schools and conducted seminars on women’s health and hygiene. Over 1500 students have been benefited by my initiative. Staff members of every school supported us a lot and even every student’s cooperation and involvement made this initiative successful. Finally, I was very happy because I have done something better for society and even I have transformed myself.

LLP camp

LEAD Leadership Program camp, the ten days camp is where I have enjoyed along with learning. I had a new family were we cared, loved each other. I was totally into the new world. Continuous sessions and activities upgraded the energy and boosted my confidence. Early wake-up and yoga kept me energetic. At the end of the camp I have completely transformed myself into a LEADer with taking all responsibility and had the ability to do things myself.



My transformation after joining LEAD

I have developed myself by performing one after another initiative. I started to take up the initiative and it slowly transformed me into a confident person and this made me complete over 30 initiatives. I was happy to see the transformation in me. Now, I am able to communicate with people, express myself and share ideas. Every tiny effort each time makes it a large achievement. For me expressing myself, communicating, and mingling with people was a success. By communicating, things got easy and I finally realized how I can handle problems.

Now, I have created my own identity, it wasn’t a small thing for a girl like me. Taking up responsibility and working on it kept boosting my confidence level higher and higher.

I felt very happy when I was promoted to master leader. It was one of the best moments for me as I have been awarded for my efforts. LEAD has given me the opportunity and I have performed my best for a better life and career.

Today, I am working in Accenture company. I am happy and I am very thankful for LEAD. We shouldn’t  wait for opportunities, but we have to create our own opportunity. This is what LEAD taught me, says Miss. Kavya.

We, LEAD family to wish you all the best.

Written by : Swaroop Kotagi

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