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How have the lessons learned in lead helped Chaitan manage both, career and passion?


“Your life is itself your greatest opportunity,” says Chaitan Kulkarni. Everyone has a passion, and never giving up our passion, is the most difficult part of everyone’s life. Our passion is the only thing that satisfies our life when we achieve it.

Traveling is the best exposure to understand the world and ourselves. We are blessed to have been born in India where each place is filled with centuries-old untold stories and motivation. LEader Chaitan Kulkarni, our LEAD Alumni is fond of traveling, has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical branch from Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi. Joined LEAD through his best friend’s advice and with his hard work and dedication he was later on promoted as a master leader and gradually a LEAD Ambassador. He has advised, helped, and directed his juniors in their initiatives and never stepped back from his responsibilities and has enabled many leaders through his enthusiastic energy.


Chaitan’s exposure to LEAD.

An energetic and vibrant participant in 2015 LLP a 10 days residential camp had become a co-organizer in 2016 LLP along with the LEAD mentors as his urge to acquire the knowledge and zeal to help many youths was much stronger. He has also attended LEAD Prayana as a student in 2016 and as an organizer in 2017 in Route-1(Karnataka prayana), and in 2019 Prayana of Route-3(Uttar Pradesh prayana).




The skills which he has developed are business skills, building up innovative ideas, social knowledge, and also developing contacts, marketing, and good connectivity and network. After attending LLP and Prayana, he is more confident about his choices and has learned better organization skills which helped him a lot.

What’s the Best Project of Chaitan?

His first project of LEAD was fixing the signboard on the roadside as his college is at the corner of the road so placing a speed limit board for riders on the main road would benefit both the students and pedestrians and help in decreasing accidents. As he was studying mechanical engineering, he got an idea of reusing waste welding materials from college workshops to craft a new signboard out of it. The challenges faced by him while doing this project were: finding a good and suitable material to make the signboard, after picking few materials it was hard to give the shape and size to turn it to look like a signboard, as the workshop tools were not good enough to cut the hardwood and metal rods for which he further chose to take the materials to some different workshop where he got some good tools to give it a proper shape, and finally, he polished and painted it and created a fine and perfect look for the board. More than 1500 students and pedestrians were benefited and his College Administration was happy and appreciated his efforts in bringing the action and taking an initiative towards the safety of the students. When challenges did not fulfill his expectations he chose other solutions to be satisfied and meet his expectations.

From student to a Traveler

Before joining LEAD, he didn’t have many networks to travel. LEAD exposed him to a good network of people, and he got the best network of people to travel with. One of the most important aspects of traveling is the stories we get to experience with people and learn through the journey. One of the most amazing experiences of his traveling life is the Coastal line trekking of 3 days from Karwar to Goa, where he explored and enjoyed 80kms by trekking. The most memorable memories of this journey were: meeting different people with different cultures, languages, and the beautiful nature’s creation, enjoying beautiful vibes and experiencing a whole new world. He has traveled most parts of Southern India and the Coastal Region of South Indian and even some parts of North India too.

The beauty of traveling. 

Travelling takes a lot of courage as it needs challenging own limits. He expresses, “Wonders of nature amaze me in every aspect, The beauty of nature attracts me towards it, and while exploring those hidden gems I have seen some of those rarest places in India which are the most beautiful architectures of Nature itself and that is what makes me a traveler.”

There are a lot of stories attached to every journey, life hacks, survival tricks, and budget planning. He has learned to be a good traveler, and it helps him a lot in his daily life.

Yes, his life has been adventurous because of traveling. When sitting with a bunch of people one good thing is, he will always have the best stories to share with people, every time he shares any of his stories he exclaims that it feels like he is experiencing the adventure all over again and that feeling gives him more energy to plan his next adventure.

What are Chaitan’s plans to travel?

One of his most favorite destinations on his list is the Maldives, as it falls near to the equatorial line and he is very much interested in knowing about the climatic conditions and daily life of the people there. With beautiful beaches and ocean walkways, the place is glorious. And even, Angkor Wat, Cambodia is one of the top places on his list which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage center because of its architecture and stories.

Career and Passion.

Although before joining LEAD, he never had a thought of giving up on traveling, Joining LEAD made him more cautious about his goals, dreams, passion, and always work to make dreams come true. It also gave him more exposure towards traveling which made him fall in love with his passion.

Starting a career as a fresher is always challenging. He says, “Lessons learned in LEAD helped me do better in my interviews and the field experience I have got from doing projects have also helped me in taking up tasks and being a better teammate in the workplace.” Currently, he is working as a troubleshooter in the Technical Support team for a Start-up company in Bangalore. He is balancing his passion and career with great efforts. He never found trouble in balancing the things in his life. Isn’t it amazing?


Written By: Swaroop Kotagi

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