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What is LEADer Vaishnavi Hatrote’s amusing formula to accomplish granularity!


At the age of 20, starting with 2 startups, she has geared up her life at the speed of bulletin. Isn’t that a mind blowing thing? The journey of LEADer Vaishnavi Hatrote, LEAD Proud Alumni will strive you to hit the journey of your life with enthusiasm to achieve your dreams.

From an average student to an excellent rank holder.

“I too was an average student in studies during my school days, and I was very mischievous,” says Vaishnavi. But the keen interest and dedication to yoga changed her to rank holder. She loves yoga and practices it everyday. She is also a state yoga champion from her school days. After 10th standard, she pursued science for two years and had a dream to enter IIT for her higher studies. But she couldn’t get a seat at IIT, which made her depressed and she had to join KLE Dr. M. S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology, Belgavi in the year 2015. As she had interest in chemical engineering, she opted that branch, but her parents were a bit insecure about this branch because they thought it wasn’t a branch with scope. She wanted to quit engineering once she built her start up, but decided not to and she graduated in the year 2019.

14th day of depression changed her life.

“On the 14th day of my engineering, that is on 15th August 2015, I was introduced to LEAD during the orientation program. I joined it and from the next day we started doing projects.” exclaims Vaishnavi. She gracefully expresses that the LEAD platform has given her a chance to transform her life. It wiped out her depression and gave her an opportunity to reveal, learn, experience, explore, enjoy, and transcend her life to an amazing life. Journey’s always made her happy and she loved to travel. So, when she was introduced to LEAD Prayana journey without any delay, she decided to go. She has attended LEAD Prayana twice, once as a prayanee and next time as an organizer. LEAD Prayana and Leadership journey has taught her how important it is to come out of your comfort zone and try to see yourself in various roles in life. She expresses, “As a volunteer I tried to help others achieve the same and tried to explain that it’s very important to experiment in your life to reach your real potential and passions. You cannot decide on your purpose of life just in your head, you have to take up a lot of roles to see where exactly your skill set and passion merge to become your strength. Even today, I am still experimenting with my life and trying to find the real purpose or passion as you may call it. Down the lane it’s a journey of life.”

Different roles in different initiatives help her build a great personality.

She has completed 15 LEAD projects and had great success in all her projects. She makes a point that each and every initiative which she took up was different. In each initiative her role was different and each of it had an impression on her personality. “The qualities of resilience, adaptability were the ones which got inculcated into my personality. That made it easy for me to take initiative like Tippet scarfs even after being a chemical engineer,” says Vaishnavi. Among all the 15 initiatives, one initiative which helped her tremendously is, LEAD O’ MANIA 1.0 event in her college. Organizing this event pushed her to an edge to become a LEADer and she gained lots of skills. Her ability to perform well under pressure was tested during this project.

It’s definitely hard to cope with people who don’t understand us. Many people criticized her ideas and did not encourage her. This point taught her that we need to showcase the idea or talent in front of the right audience to get genuine feedback. And the learning which she adapted during her different initiative she tells us are –

a) I realized that I am born to become a leader.

b) I explored my creativity and problem solving skills.

c) I learnt that each one in our life can teach us some or the other thing we have to just keenly observe it and absorb into our life for our personal growth.

d) The importance of being modest, kind and helpful.

Entrepreneur at the age of 20.

Once while going to college, her mind glazed with an idea. What was it? She thought on bikes girls wear scarfs, but it becomes time consuming and troublesome on bike if at all it comes out while riding; she got an idea to prepare ready made scarfs. She designed it along with her friend and got it stitched from a rural woman. This prototype was pitched as LEAD project and also pitched to a few industries near Belagavi. With the help from LEAD, few industries, friends, family and her inbuilt business skills, she started her start up. The second start up is based on her career field, that is chemical engineering. She has researched and discovered a mosquito repellant that evaporates in air is made of completed organic raw materials. It is a self sublimating gel which vaporizes throughout the room and acts as room freshen too.

Her firm name is V Associates and the products names offered by her company are Tippet, Airmos and Grainos, out of Airmos and Grainos aren’t yet commercially launched in the market. She had started these projects in the year 2016-17 and her firm was registered in the year 2018. She has the support from Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi. Her team size is 10 employees who are the rural women of Santibastwad village. Her core team members are Vidya Hatrote, Vaishnavi Hatrote, Madhu Kulkarni, Rajendra Hatrote & Samata Hatrote, Supriya Kulkarni (former core member). Her products are sold in all the states of India and exported to Nepal. The company has made a turn over of 3.5 million INR approximately.

Her glorious victories.

Ms. Vaishnavi Hatrote has been achieved and appreciated by few graceful awards.

  • Best Project Award ( Yuva Summit 2018 )
  • Published in National and Regional newspapers.
  • Radio interview covered.
  • Awarded at various educational and community development events.
  • Her TEDx talk is considered in the resource list for Social Entrepreneurship in the UK. Check the below ink for the same.


Vaishnavi’s humble words.

“To be very honest, till today I don’t feel I have achieved anything great in particular. Everytime I try to explore myself. And I really feel that achievements should not be taken personally because you are supposed to give the credits of the same to a lot others for helping you or making you that deservable in the real world. And any achievement most of the time comes after a series of failures. So staying humble and taking up real improvements in life is of utmost importance,” expressed Vaishnavi. Her life always has been about learning quickly, trying without procrastination, failing fast, taking real feedback, improvising the product or service instantly, then scaling to reach the real impact. She encourages that, “When you empower the people in need, you yourself get empowered more.”

Few more amazing things about Vaishnavi.

Vaishnavi is a great entrepreneur and a youth icon with her inspiring and motivational story. She has also been a part of TEDx talk. Check the link below to listen to her motivating words. And she has made a significant impact in her life. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur at this age, she says, “Nothing is impossible, we have all the requirements on our fingertips in this era. Distraction is the only drawback that holds us still. Once you overcome this hurdle and strive to work for a better cause nothing can stop you.”

Listen to her fabulous story visiting the link below. LEAD Talk:

You will enjoy listening to Vaishnavi’s TEDx talk, so what are waiting for, click the link below.

Also, visit the below link to watch her story cast. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B9zAdu8hE9Y/?igshid=d7xanl6ul9e5


Written By – Priyanka Kammar

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