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How did LEAD Prayana journey tranform Vaishnavipriya’s fears into strength!


“From a shy and fearful girl, to a confident and fearless LEADer; is how my personality developed through the LEAD Prayana journey,” says Vaishnavipriya Ramagiri from Kakatiya Sandbox, Nizamabad, Telangana.

Me, before joining LEAD. 

I’m a student of Bachelor of Arts in Computers from Girraj Government college, Nizamabad. I was a very shy girl until I entered LEAD. I had drowned in stage fear. I used to fear to even say my name clearly during the seminar in my college. My professors would always guide me, but I never overcame the stage fear. My routine before joining LEAD used to be studies, enjoying with friends, spending time with family. But this never completely satisfied me or made me happy fully. I always had difficulty in communication. A big question always raised in me, how will I ever come over this fear in me?🤔

Me, after joining LEAD.

My journey wasn’t that admiring, but it is surely inspiring due to my transformation!

LEAD platform has really helped me to transform into a better person than I was before. It has guided me through all my hurdles and helped me overcome all the fear I had. I joined LEAD on the advice of my friends. Actually I joined LEAD in the year 2019 because I had heard that LEAD encourages all the student’s initiatives, thoughts and the projects which are helpful for the society, and that is a great cheer to students who are interested in helping the society. This factor was most fascinating to me.

My first initiative in LEAD.

After joining LEAD, my first project was on women’s day. Can you guess what it might be?

In society most of us know that IAS, political leaders are great but the women who stay at our home, our mother is the greatest blessing we have in the world. She is the role model in our lives who sacrifices everything for us, so I just got an idea of appreciating them on women’s day. Me and my LEAD friends gathered to give an appreciation certificate to every woman who is an inspiration to our society. We went to each one of them and invited them to a women’s day celebration which was organized at Kakatiya Sandbox.

The only reason I took up this initiative is because the women who stay at home aren’t actually appreciated for the work they do. Their work remains hidden to many of us. It’s our responsibility to appreciate and realize their efforts towards the work they do.

They came for the celebration and inspired the youngsters about how life will be, how we should adjust, about sacrifices, how to face critical situations, which are very vital in everyone’s life. Every woman was inspiring to us, they had wonderful stories from which we would get important messages. I was grateful to hear them. There was no difficulty faced by me while doing this project. Every mentor in LEAD encouraged me a lot.

This initiative taught me how important it is  to give the chance to a household working woman to express herself and appreciate her. Their stories motivated me to work with constant grace, dedication and admiration. After this project, I have taken up 4 more initiatives during my LEAD journey. Every initiative has made me grow into a more confident person. The audience of my projects were all the needy, who required the help.


The journey which changed me. 🤩

Prayana journey is my life changing journey!

The journey which made me a stage fearless girl. Now I’m able to give a number of seminars even in office and in college too. Truly speaking, every day, every minute in this journey was so precious. The inspirational talks with role models taught me “to face every situation in life, have patience, more patience results in less time to get succeeded in life and every failure is a stepping stone to success.”

Best memories in the journey is the session with BVR Mohan Reddy sir who is CEO of Cyient. Every single day with my new friends made countless memories. The life changing journey called LEAD PRAYANA played a very important role in changing my lifestyle and each and every moment in this journey has millions of memories. Thanks to LEAD for giving me these many memories which are uncountable and important in my life.

I extend my gratitude towards LEAD. 

LEAD has made me into a super girl in my words, that word seems funny but that is a permanent truth in my life. My career is going well, recently I got a job in Accenture, Yeah!  But this is just a short term goal but becoming a successful person in society is my long-term goal. LEAD not only changed me as a stage fearless girl but also a girl who is now fluent in communication and building a good friends network. I trust that LEAD helped a lot to build my career then.

Thanking LEAD and especially Kakatiya Sandbox LEAD Mentors who encouraged me. I feel proud to be part of it and I’m thankful to each and every person who supported me.

“Just be patient until and unless you reach the goal and watch the game of life, your success will definitely knock your door at the end of day..!”

Thank you LEAD, my one and only lucky opportunity which proved me what am I and what all I can be in my life.

Written by : Priyanka Kammar

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