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What made LEAD appoint Sai Chand an intern at the program?


“What is the abbreviation of LEAD? LEaders Accelerating Development Program, right? But for me it is also Learning Everytime in All Dimensions of life,” says Sai Chand.

The beautiful start from normal things. 

I kind of feel surprised when I remember about the way I was before I joined LEAD, and to the person I have transformed at present. I’m basically from Nizamabad, Telangana. My past, before I step towards the LEAD platform, wasn’t that satisfying. It was like a boring daily routine which would start from home to college and back to home. No doubt there was fun and happiness with friends and families. But deep down, I could always feel something missing. I never could find what exactly it had to be.

It was in the month of January 2016, when I was in my first year of degree in Bsc(MPCS) stream at Gouthami Degree College, Nizamabad, Telangana, I came across a beautiful change from my old life. We had a LEAD orientation program organized in our college, and it turned out to be the first time to introduce LEAD in our college. Out of all the amazing aspects that were explained and made us experience, two features that drew me to join LEAD were: helping others and learning. So, I promised myself to utilize this opportunity to the peak from day one.

My first initiative.
In LEAD, as a student, we always have a start from the projects. I started my LEAD journey by taking up initiatives that helped the needy. My first initiative was with my college group, in the college campus itself. In my college, many students used to get motorcycles and the parking space was not properly provided. So, the inappropriate parking created many hurdles like it took a lot of space around the campus. We came up with an idea to mark parking lines, in order to park every vehicle in a decent order. To solve any issue, we always come across some difficulties or we can say speedbrakers as in case of roads, which are actually necessary because they help you to slow down, rearrange once again to drive safely. Difficulties in our path are the same. We had to face our college authorities in order to receive their permission. In the beginning, they weren’t ready to permit us to do it. But, after we discussed the problems related to it and how we would be dealing with it, they granted us the permission.

We were 12 members in the group from different streams and hardly anyone knew each other. During the time of the project, we all became friends and co-operated really in a good way and completed the project within 2 days. It was a nice satisfying feeling for me personally, as I could make new friends, learn teamwork skills, and be a part of a good contribution. Our college authorities also appreciated us and they promised us to help with every upcoming project collaborated with LEAD.

LEAD events and journeys.

An outwitting feature of LEAD are the journeys and events: LEAD Prayana, LEAD Leadership Program, Yuva Summit and Valedictory event. I feel blessed and grateful to get an opportunity to attend and experience the events and journeys. Without attending any of these journeys and events, LEAD journey is incomplete to an individual.

I attended LEAD Prayana twice. First time was in the year 2018, when I experienced an incredible journey of my life. I would explain my Prayana and LLP journeys as: You learn, you start opening, you experience, you get out of your comfort zone, you teach, you watch, you help, you start building a family, you create your own impact, you share, you start growing, and you enjoy it to the fullest. And for sure you will become the better version of yourself as compared to prior. Next time I attended Prayana was in the succeeding year, that is in the year 2019. This time I attended as a social media intern with responsibilities on my shoulder. I was assigned to cover up the journey in the form of photography. This experience had its own kind of special taste. The sleepless nights in LEAD prayana as an intern are the most memorable days in my life.

Next event that I attended was Yuva Summit. Yuva Summit 2018 was really a special one for me, as I was awarded for my project. My project was “eco saving pens.” The unique feature of these pens is that they are environmentally friendly and they have a small seed in the refill which can be planted after the use of the pen. Along with the award, I was also privileged to get a chance for LEAD talk at the 8th Yuva Summit 2018. Do visit the link, to listen to me.

One important suggestion to every student is never miss these journeys and events if you get a chance.

Taking up responsibilities.

Promotions aren’t just appreciation, they are new responsibilities given to be carried out with care. After taking up many projects and at the same time in a few years I inspired and motivated around 150 students to join LEAD which gave me a chance to get promoted as master leader and then ambassador, and now I’m an alumni. In the year 2019, I worked for 4 months as a photographer and content writer in the LEAD social media team.

Also, I took up 4 more internships each of 3 to 6 months through LEAD –

  • Accountant and sales manager in MAMA sustainable company.

  • LEAD Abyas at Kakatiya Sandbox.

  • Assistant teacher and event organizer at Presidency high school.

  • Creativity team head in LEAD.

 I really feel proud of myself to have grown and learnt so many things during each phase in my LEAD journey. From working as a junior member in a team to leading a team. All I would say is “each phase teaches you important things and is a step towards your transformation.”

A new family to stay always and my ongoing life. 

LEAD isn’t just a platform to learn and experience, it’s a new family which enters your life and you will be it’s part forever. I got friends that stand by me as my family. Each and every member of LEAD has inspired me a lot throughout my whole journey.

Until last month, which is April 2020, I was working in Shri. Gajanan industry as a personal assistant with finance and administrative head. And now, I’m working on my award winning project, the eco saving pen. I’m planning and working on developing new features with that pen and then start a business and aiming to be an entrepreneur. Currently, a program in Kakatiya Sandbox is helping and guiding me to start my business. I extend my warm gratitude towards LEAD platform to have played an important role in my life.

LEAD family feels proud and wishes Sai Chand good luck for his future plans. Kudos to his contributions and dedication towards his achievements.

Written By : Priyanka Kammar 

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