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30 things you can do during quarantine!


The quarantine is a time that all are going to give ourselves no option. Everyone is missing the moments which they have spent on this beautiful earth outside their home. But now it’s high time. If everyone doesn’t stay home and maintain social distance, then everyone will be a part of the destroying chain. It is the 21st Century with this fastest-growing technology and busy schedule, everyone shall have a break. Let’s live and enjoy the lockdown time too. How?🤔 It’s easy just need your participation. Get into these amazing things all can do and see you will no longer be bored at home.🤗

1)Fitness –  It’s of course important to maintain your health! 

  • Yogasana 🧘‍♂️- Time passes on carrying ancient tradition along with it. Yoga and meditation, the best medicines for your health needed even if you’re not suffering from any disease. Let’s spend some time each day together with your family and practice yoga. It enhances your immune system which is required during this phase.



  • Home exercises 🚶‍♀️- Well, along with yoga we can also do some other exercises at home. Depending on the age of your family members you can do exercises from the simple ones to the professional workouts. Numerous Apps keep a track of your exercises, download them, start and maintain your health
  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinymission.dailyworkoutsfree
  • THENX App 

2) Reading📚 – 

Technology has changed many things, but the essence of reading can’t be replaced. Instead of watching and listening, let’s spend some time reading. It’s well and good if you have a collection of books at home, but no worries if you don’t have one. It’s not just books; you can read papers, magazines, journals too. We have so many online reading apps where you get all kinds of books. Let’s wake up our brain to read something good, something moralistic, something inspiring. It will increase your word gallery and improve your vocabulary. Here, I suggest you few apps and links, 

3) Pursue online courses –

In this era, we are not confined to just one particular academic or non-academic course; we find so many courses available to learn. They just need your time and concentration. Browse through the internet and select courses you’re interested in learning. How about learning something different and gaining knowledge! After all, that’s the only thing we carry with us every moment. Check the below link too, they might help you.



4) Play games 🧩-

Many of you are all busy gaming on mobile or laptops. How about we play with our family! Are you aware of old games like ludo, five stones, antakshari, and many more? Ask your parents and grandparents about it and play with them. Refresh their childhood memories and learn these ancient games. You can also play chess, carrom, dumb charades, indoor hide and seek, chits, etc. 

5) Time with nature🌲 –

We all know how important a single plant is to us. If you have a garden, spend some time daily gardening. Plant some new saplings, water all of them, and observe their growth daily. If you don’t own a garden then grow some small plants in pots and take proper care of them daily. If you require any help in gardening then we have the internet in our hands. Browse the necessary things and practice them.



6) Care for animals –

During this lockdown, animals🐕 on the streets are left with no food. They are all starving of hunger. Be kind and serve food to the stray animals near your home. Also, make bird🕊 feeders and nests for them. Nature has made equal space for all. Many birds are getting extinct, we need to give them space and care. All they need is love, care, and space. Check the link below that will help you to make a bird feeder,



7) Learn basic cooking☕ –

Give thought to yourself, hope it never happens, but think practically, what if you get stuck alone in a lockdown? How would you manage your food? You’re lucky if you know cooking, and what if you don’t know? Isn’t it best if you learn basic cooking at least for survival at odd times? Think twice. So, this is the best time to learn. Give it a shot. Learn basic cooking like preparing rice, dal, tea, chapati, roti, and vegetables

8) Learn special recipes from your mother or grandmother –

In everyone’s family, there’s one special dish prepared at their home😋. It was taught to your parents, maybe by your grandparents. Now it’s time for you to learn it. That specialty of your family should be carried on to all generations, isn’t it? So ask your mother or grandmother or if your father knows, learn from them. 

9) Creativity – 

Let this quarantine bring some creativity out! You may know many things, but you never got time to do it. Also, you have a chance to learn a lot more.


  • Best out of waste – We have lots of unused material at our home and lots of free time with us. Let’s combine both now and create a productive result. Collect all available materials and do something the best of it, maybe a flower vase, paper bags🛍, showpieces, many more things.

Check below links, 




  • Drawing and painting🎨- Design and put your colorful thoughts on paper. Let the pencil and brush just help you out in this. No worries if you can’t think of something to draw, visit the internet and you will get lots of ideas. Here are a few,





  • Decorating rooms – How about decorating your bedroom or living room🤩? Making wall hanging, painting walls, preparing some stickers, and sticking them on walls, there are so many ideas available to make a room look beautiful, try out a few of them according to your choice.



  • Paper Art – Do you remember in childhood we used to make boats🚤, planes, frogs and many such things by paper? Why don’t we try it again! And teach small children at home.



10) Learn dance💃 –

Dancing is really fun, may it be street dance, professional dance, or any other form. The abundance of dance moves is taught online, why don’t we learn a few? So that next time you can dance without any trouble in any party that you go to, or in anyone’s marriage or at school/college. Just go to youtube, type which forms of dance you want to learn, and hit the floor. 



11) Sing songs with karaoke 🎤-

🎶Many of us love singing. Even if we don’t ever sing in front of others, we murmur when we are alone, do we? So this time, let’s sing with our family. Start a karaoke📻 of a song that everyone likes may it be the old songs and sing together. Observe how fun it will be with your family! Here is an app link for karaoke, click on it. 


12) Video making – 

Don’t let this lockdown time be stored only in your mind. Make some videos, like tik tok which is used by many people nowadays. Create some videos with your family members and post them on social media which give some helpful morals to the viewers. You can make funny nice videos too. You can tag us @leadcampus if you post videos that give some important messages to the world. We have many platforms to share our videos like YouTube. 

How about making short videos of family members when they are doing some work and keeping as much memory with yourself as we do albums? 


13) Watch videos👨‍💻 – 

We are exposed to countless numbers of videos online. Let’s make use of this time to watch some inspiring, motivational stories by eminent personalities or other videos like funny, mechanisms of daily used equipment, and a lot more. Try the below links to start with,



14) Pen down 📝-

Writing is the easiest way to express your feelings. You can pen down your thoughts in the form of quotes, stories, poems, and blogs. We have so many platforms available to spread your writings like wordpress.com for blogs, or on other social media platforms, you can write and post. Other than this, you can also write letters to your parents, grandparents, friends, and siblings. Read it to them, if they are with you sit beside them and read else call them and read and see how happy they will feel to hear your feelings towards them. 


15) Listen, learn and realize – 

Ask your grandparents or parents to share about their life. Their efforts and problems faced by them in their life. How they dealt with everything, how they achieved whatever they have now, what was their dream, what they wanted to become, did they drop their wish for some hurdle; listen to them and learn from them as well as realize what and how you can help them now. Allow them to speak freely to you. Along with this, you can also share your plans, wishes, something that haunts you, your feelings, and ask them for suggestions. 

16) New era of online banking📲- 

Each and everything is converted online. We all know, it’s a time of online transaction. Many of our parents may not know about its usage. So, spend some time teaching them about a few comfortable apps which allow online transactions. Tell them how UPI pin works, how they can pay Bills from their phone, how they can transfer money to others, teach them every aspect provided by online transaction apps.  


17) Social media –

Life is running with social media as its integral part. Every person is active on all social media platforms. While you are active on social media, at the same time teach your parents also about it. If they are unaware of it still, then teach and tell them its advantages, how they can connect with their relatives and friends at any corner of the world. But don’t forget to teach them about the privacy and security they need to maintain. 

18) One day rest to women at home – 

Yes! You read it right. Women also need a break, while the world is taking a break. Not just because they work every single day without any complaints, this will help you to learn to live independently. Ever thought, what if you had to live alone and do all your work by yourself? If you know how to do your work all by yourself then it’s really good, but what if you don’t know? Now it’s time to learn all household works like washing dishes, laundry, folding clothes, cleaning rooms, and all. One day off for women at home and all men and children working for one day, how’s the idea? 🙂 

19) Oil Champi –  

Massage proves to be a great relief especially to reduce stress and pain it’s the best way. Once a week, offer a hair oil massage by each member to the other member of the family. It will cool your mind, help hair growth along give you lots of happiness with family members. 


20) Renovate your room – 

Change the setup of your room, make your study room, bedroom, or living room decorative by yourself with your ideas. Make it look beautiful, bright, and innovative. When you work on this, no doubt your room will get cleaned up. You can rearrange your wardrobe too. 😀


21) Learn stock market and Finance –

The stock market allows companies to raise money by offering stock shares and corporate bonds. It’s really good to know about such topics. Something different and something useful. Check the link if you are interested to learn something new, 



22) Learn coding from scratch – 

Are you interested and passionate about stories, gaming, and animation? Students can start teaching programming languages using this software called Scratch. Open the link below and learn coding from scratch. 



23) Star Gazing🌌 – 

In this lockdown, know your stars. Make your star chart, and know more about it. Use your terrace space for some astronomy.


24) Pin your interest – 

Here is a site on which you can create and learn new things according to your interests and passion. Select the options available on your interests and accordingly, you will get the context. Visit the link below to understand completely. 



25) Career guidance – 

Are you in 10th or 12th standard, or anyone from your family is? This is the best time you can spend choosing a career. You can research on the internet, speak to someone in your family who can guide you and make a proper decision about the best career. If your career meets the features of your passion, then it’s the best. 🤠


26) Call and speak📱 – 

We all will be having many contacts saved in our cell. Our old and new friends, relatives, cousins, teachers, colleagues, and others, make a call to at least one person daily and speak to them. Greet them, ask them about how their life is going, express your gratitude towards them and use your time to speak with the people. Ask them about how their quarantine is going or tell them how they can make it effective. 



27) Learn to cook without fire👨‍🍳 – 

What if you have all ingredients but no fire to cook? This task is also important right! Watch videos or learn from your mother at home to prepare food without fire. You can also conduct a competition with family members and enjoy it.


28) Watch movies –

Watch movies together like funny ones, patriotic, family movies, and connect with the current situation – past is to die for the country now it’s life for the country and what we can do for the country. Few patriotic movies, that is movies that depict the life story of those people who have fought for freedom are – 

  • Border
  • The legend of Bhagat Singh 
  • Chak de India 
  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  • Dangal 
  • The Ghazi Attack and there are many more.


29) Volunteering –

Research volunteering opportunities in your city and mark down the most interesting ones. We are in this together it’s not just police and doctors who will protect us. Seek opportunities to help out if they need. You can provide eatables like fruits to the police taking permission. Here are a few links, 

30) Refresh old memories🤗 –

Memories are the only things we carry along with time. We all have our old memories stored. It’s time to relive those moments. Open your albums and go through all the pictures. On the computer or mobile if you have stored into them and brush up all the memories with your family. 

We are in this together. Let’s fight together and follow all the rules put forward by the government for our safety and be responsible citizens. Stay home, stay safe, break the chain, and we can save the world. Let us together pray for the healing of the world and hope for the best. 

We, the LEAD family, are proud of the doctors and other people who are serving continuously staying far from their family and saving the lives of people. We salute them for their efforts and extend our gratitude.

Written by : Priyanka Kammar

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