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How could the farmer’s increase their farming results with the help of LEADer Ravi Hiremath’s techniques?


You build your opportunity which is a step towards success! One of the LEADers, Ravi Hiremath from Jain College Of Engineering, Belagavi is a good example of this quote. Joining LEAD in the year 2017 through the orientation program organized in his college along with the feedback received by his seniors as they said that the LEAD Platform would give him space to develop himself to the best and that fascinated him to join LEAD.

From the time he joined till today, he has done 40 projects in LEAD being one of the active students in Belagavi District, he always participates in all the initiatives, meetings, and events of LEAD from Belagavi. He has attended LEAD Prayana in the year 2019 and the Lead Leadership Program in the year 2018. When it comes to his projects, you will be amused to learn about them!



Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in India that includes one-fourth of the workforce in the country as we can notice the continuous growth and transformation towards the modern lifestyle, it is essential that the agriculture field also develops accordingly. Considering this thought, LEADer Ravi came up with an initiative to help farmers to use cost-effective and better methods of farming. Ravi started his project by conducting surveys in 6 different villages near Belagavi. From the six villages, he chose one farmer each who was ready to accept his idea. As we see, it’s quite hard for people in rural areas to accept and cultivate modern methods and Ravi faced the difficulty of convincing the farmers but he was successful in convincing them. Once they were ready, Ravi taught them about the process, benefits, and results of the preparation and use of organic fertilizers at their farms. He also trained them on how to use vermi-compost beds to increase their farming efficiency.

Not every result is instant, but maintaining consistency in a good method will multiply the productivity for epic results so did Ravi’s methods of farming helped the farmers and he received glorious appreciation from them. Since then, these farmers along with other farmers are applying the same techniques to enhance their productivity in farming and yield better crops. This project was a great teacher to Ravi, which taught him communication and human relation skills.

Making a great impact with this project, LEADer Ravi has taken up another initiative that is interesting and very helpful to the engineering students. Well! Every student of engineering aims to get the best job after graduation and for good placements, developing skills along with knowledge is important. Ravi being an engineering student could understand this better, so he started organizing webinars in coordination with LEAD and Internshala for the engineering students on the topic Industry Ready. He has completed three webinars on the topics- Resume writing, Preparing for interviews, and Digital Marketing.


The positive feedback that he has received for his webinar is a source of encouragement for him to take up a few more webinars in the upcoming days. He is glad to help the students to prepare for their placements.

Written By: Priyanka Kammar
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