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Recognizing the efforts makes you realize the best part in you.


“Amazing opportunities that I experienced this year in my life are LEAD Prayana 2020 and Yuva Summit”, says LEADer Sanjaygouda Patil, from Vijaypur. He is overwhelmed and feels blessed to have got a chance to attend the LEAD Prayana journey and Yuva summit 2020 which helped him to transform many things within himself and in his life.

Sessions of role models during the entire journey and in the Yuva summit gave him a path to dedicate himself to a good cause in life. Their inspiring and motivational life stories made him think about the importance of all the aspects needed for youth to succeed in life. He says that another best thing about Prayana was the great company of co- LEADers which transformed into a family with no time. The fun and learnings from all other LEADers invoked the sigh of problems faced by them and how they face it that also taught him that our problems are tiny pebbles if we compare them with the actual problem faced by many.

The exposure to every different place taught him different good things and made him surprised with their beauty, and famous qualities. He had a great experience in the journey that provided him with the required qualities to be learned.
It was his second time to attend Yuva Summit, the first one was in 2019. During both times, he had a wonderful time at Yuva Summit. The projects showcased made him wonder about the ideas of different LEADers. He realized how problems of society were solved and the requirements of humans were met. The life stories of LEADers and Alumni felt inspiring, and he seemed to encounter the knowledge provided by all of them. Each year was filled with new and different inspirations. He felt proud of himself when he was given a chance for project showcase.

The moment he was awarded for his project “Painting the Bus stand”, he was at the peak of happiness and excitement. He was awarded during the 10th Yuva Summit when he was the part of Yuva summit for the second time. He was awarded by Mr. Gururaj Deshpande, the founder of the Deshpande Foundation. He felt so good for the appreciation of his hard work to contribute to the betterment of society.

In the future, LEADer Sanjaygouda has plans for coming up with new ideas to solve the problem of the society and help nature too by creating awareness along with projects that would consider the importance of nature also. He is interested to solve the problems that are related between nature and humans. He is thinking about ways that we humans need to cultivate so that nature isn’t harmed by our activities.

 Along with the award he received appreciation from his family, friends, and other LEADers that added more delight to his happiness. His parents’ words were “We are proud of the work you are doing. We will always support and help you in your further plans.” Also, his friends said him that they are happy to have a friend like him and they will join him in his next project.

We, the LEAD family, feel proud of him and wish him great success in his life.

To read about his great initiative click the link below,

Beautiful paints on the walls of bus stand.

Written by : Priyanka Kammar

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