LEAD Stories

Replacement of Cement

Leader : Neelambika
College : KLEIT
“Once, talking to my father, he said that through industrial waste cement can be made. I’m learning civil engineering and even we learnt a bit about it. When I got to know about LEAD I thought of taking this as a project,” said Neelambika, a LEADer of KLEIT.
“Replacement of cement” : because of there is more usage of cement it produces more waste. Industries also produce more waste. Using all waste products green concrete is produced and it is also more durable than normal concrete. It helps in smallamount in reduction of environment pollution and the cost of production.
    Neelambika wanted to make some blocks and use them for sitting benches near the parking or canteen areas. In the process she learnt the effective usage of waste materials, and came to know the effort and pains of employees who build the buildings.  

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