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What made Sameena join LEAD Program!


India is very well known for its diverse culture and rich heritage where every person is filled with enthusiasm! Today, we might have reached the sky with all the success in every field and sector. But it never defines how modern we are; all it defines is how modern we think and act. In India, it’s always been a huge barrier for girls to lead the life they want. As of now, it’s not a big problem because today every single girl is setting an example of success. Today in India, it’s a minor problem, but it takes great effort to break it down.

Nowadays, we listen and observe endless stories for women empowerment, and we are having one of the stories for you.

She was a girl who never had the confidence to stand for herself. One day, she saw the Blue army of LEAD in Vijayapur in her college, BLDEACET during the LEAD valedictory event, and her curiosity to know about the Blue Army reached the peak. When she got to know it’s an opportunity to build, rise, and shine, she wanted to join the Blue Army and explore her potential. She soon joined the Blue army in 2019 of her college year and started her new journey on the way of self-enhancement, she soon started to work with other Leaders on their initiatives trying to understand the work management with them. Soon, she started to take her initiative and till now, she has completed over more than 30 initiatives. Her name is Sameena Benakanahali.

The major initiative of Sameena was to be a part of Daan Utsav, where Sameena and team members made Daan Utsav successful by celebrating all Daan’s in Sarawad Government School. First, the leaders cleaned the school corridor and ground for Sharma Daan, and then they did plantation in the school ground for Sasya Daan in the presence of the principal of BLDEACET. And then, they taught them simple and easy tricks to solve mathematics by conducting activities and competitions for students to teach them. As a part of Vidya Daan, they donated books, pens, and pencils to the student to celebrate Pustak Daan. And finally, the team distributed food packets to all the students and celebrated the Anna Daan. Over more than 80 students have benefited from this initiative and the staff was happy for students and their activities. During this project, she learned convincing skills, team managing, time management, design planning, and implementation.

Before joining the Lead, Sameena was a shy girl who never had confidence in herself, and she has never come out of her comfort zone. She used to speak with very few people and always had feared for society. The society-borders always stopped her. Then, one day she heard of the LLP camp which invoked Sameena to attend the Lead Leadership camp for her development in 2020. The camp helped her to come out of her comfort zone and learned the endless things which changed her life. She soon started to communicate with all kinds of people easily and got to learn about leadership, which turned her life and filled it with full of confidence. Activities of the LLP camp helped her to turn her weakness into strength step by step. After returning from the LLP camp Sameena performed many more projects effectively. Once a time ago, Sameena was inspired by the LEAD alumni and today she has transformed into a whole new person making her own identity and inspiring others.

Sameena had brokedown her limits and came out of fear and she stands for herself with confidence and motivates other girls too. Today, Sameena feels confident in herself and now she performs her best in every initiative. Now she can handle any situation and right effective solutions for the problem, and now she even guides her junior for their initiatives and even helps them to perform. She has planned to take up more initiatives in the upcoming days. People around her really feel happy to see the new Sameena. The lead mentor of Vijayapur appreciated her in her every step and always helped her to perform the best.

Sameena says that “After joining LEAD she got the opportunity to build herself with full confidence, today she can stand and face any of problems.”


Written By: Swaroop Kotagi

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