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Supplying of Sanitary napkins to the students


Use of the Sanitary napkin Shhhh!! We are not allowed to pronounce it so loudly. This is the mentality of the people present in our society. Periods are the part of every womanhood and use of the sanitary napkins are important part of every girls or women’s life but no one ready to talk about it freely with them. No one is ready to teach them about the proper use it. In such situations hundreds of rumors and myths arise in the minds of the young girls who start using them in their school age. Even they are taught by their mothers and teachers to keep it as a secrete topic. They are told not disclose these problems to anyone. Thus all the problems arise.

Women need to take of our health and hygiene during menstruation. A little negligence in the menstrual hygiene can cause grievous harm to their health. Several menstrual hygiene products are available in the market but 88% of women in India don’t use them. They still believe in all the superstitions related to the menstruation. Around 23 million girls drop out of school every year at menarche in India. This is such a shameful act. We need to grow up and broaden our mindsets about all these common things which we use in our daily life.


Health and hygiene
Awareness about the health and hygiene by LEADer Ranjita

So LEADers Ranjitha Kittur from SECEB MSPT Diploma  College in fashion designing, and Kaveri along with their friends decided to take up a project related to this issue. They decided to provide sanitary kit to the schools and colleges present in Vijaypur.  The kit consisted of the sanitary napkins, hand wash and tissue paper. The box coasted around 70 Rs/- per box. A session was conducted to the girls of Darbar College and explained them about the Good touch and bad touch, the importance to use sanitary napkins, menstrual hygiene etc. They explained the ill effects of not using them.  The Team went to every school and college, explained the use and importance of using sanitary napkins. The also provided a kit which would be maintained by a lady staff from that college. They would charge some penny for the every pad taken by the student. This would keep the continuation the use of sanitary napkins.


Ranjitha says that “I got to learn from every challenge I faced during this project”. They tackled many problems like convincing the staff to take permission, ignorance and rejection of students after hearing the topic, convincing the staff to maintain the continuity of the napkins etc. But they also learnt the convincing of the students, patience and positive attitude towards the failure and many more.

The team
The team who were involved in the project

It is an ongoing project and LEADer Ranjitha  aims  to cover all the schools and colleges present. She is targeting for about reaching 3000 students in the coming month. This projects helps the girls and women of our society to overcome the problem of sanitation and helps in supporting of the SDG i.e. Sustainable Development Goals of our country.

Finally the say that menstruation is a very important part the leaving and we should never neglect our health because someone has truly said that Health is Wealth.

Written By: Vaishnavi N Patil

Mail ID: vaishnavinpatil6@gmail.com

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