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An ecofriendly innovative and contactless Sanitization to stay safe from COVID-19!


Pandemic, the outbreak of viral disease Covid-19 in the year 2020 with no cure was only prevented by following safety majors and taking precautions.

One of the Leaders, Chethan S of Bapuji Polytechnic College, Davangere joined LEAD by his cousin’s suggestion; as he was always interested in social work and found LEAD Platform as an opportunity for himself to help in the betterment of society.
The pandemic situation that arose in the year 2020, would be prevented by taking precautions like regularly washing hands with sanitizer, wearing a face mask to cover our mouth and nose, and avoiding contact with people. So, Chethan had come up with an innovative idea for sanitization, that is to have contactless sanitization. He has introduced a machine that can be used by a single touch of the foot. As people regularly need to use sanitizer which requires the contact of their hands which may lead to the spread of the virus faster. To avoid the hand contact with the sanitizer and make it a contactless process, he developed a wooden stand sanitizer machine with a simple technique that can be used in all public places, as it is cheap to prepare and easy to use.
The sanitizer machine along with the stand is made with recycled materials and waste wooden materials which are eco-friendly. He collected the materials from the local place and he selected wood for the stand because the virus has less life span on wood, so he prepared this Sanitizer machine by using wood.
Chethan donated a wooden stand sanitizers machine to KSRTC Bus-stop of Davangere, Police-station of Davangere, Bapuji Polytechnic college Davangere, and in many more places of Davangere by Chethan. The staff of KSRTC, police-station, and people have appreciated Chethan for his sanitizer stand, and by using his sanitizer machine the local people are happy as they can take care of their sanitization to prevent Covid.
His efforts have made people’s life easy and his initiatives have been published in Local Newspaper and even got an appreciation letter from the Police Station of Davangere. Till now he has made more than eight sanitization machines and all the machines are now for public use in the public places of Davangere and he has even planned to have more sanitization stands in the future for public use.
Leader Chethan has been recognized for his wooden stand sanitizers by the people of Davangere, and this is the best experience for him. With the support of his mentor and family, he has contributed to the betterment of the people. Chethan has developed his innovative skills, communication, and design thinking skills during the time of his initiative. He feels very happy as he found an opportunity to prove himself and his idea has helped many people around him. He thanks LEAD for helping him to discover himself.
If you want to order a sanitizer machine, you can contact LEADer Chethan from Davangere on 8105858625 and have safe days by following safety precautions.
LEAD is proud of Chethan for his amazing work, and we wish him All the Best for his work.
Written By : Swaroop Kotagi 
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