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LEADers enlightened beautiful smiles on diwali.


LEADer Swaroop from VSM collage of BBA and BCA Nippani joined LEAD through orientation program conducted in his college in 2018. He wanted to achieve something better in life. He found LEAD as an opportunity to make his wish come true. He was an average students like others.



He took up an initiative of setting up the stall of handmade handicrafts by the Deep Vishesh Shala School, Nippani( IMA ), which is a school for mentally disabled children. Children in this school are taught to prepare the handicrafts and art piece and are also helped by their parents to prepare the products. By preparing the products and selling it, they raise funds for better education of the children. Children in this school prepare festival decorative items, show pieces and many more things. But the sales of products was less then their expectations.

When LEADer Swaroop and the team visited the school, they got to know the problems faced by them. In a thought to solve their hurdle, LEADer Swaroop and team decided to arrange the stall of these handicrafts in schools and colleges where students would easilybee attracted towards the products and buy them. The first stall arranged by the LEADers was in VSM campus for three hours and it was successful as they reached beyond their expectated target of customers.


 LEADers and the management of school where happy as they reached a profit of more than Rupees 4000 in just three hours of stall where their expectations was Rupees 1500. LEADer Swaroop, Sairaj, Swarangi and others have expanded the stall set up in different locations. LEADers are expecting to expand the stall set up in different cities in upcoming days and help the children as much as possible.

Efforts never go waste when you have worked hard to achieve your target. Even after facing many problems LEADers didn’t give up and tried their best and it made successful. Even the management of the Deep Vishesh Shala were impressed by the efforts of the LEADers and they wish to continue and expand the sales of products with the LEADers in upcoming days and raise funds for children.


Written by : Swaroop Kotagi

Email ID: swaroopkotagi29@gmail.com

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