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My Story: Asavari Devalapurkar


An upbringing in an environment that supports social work produces the best citizen of the society. LEADer Asavari Devalapurkar comes from such a background. During her school days, she was part of a club that overlooked many social works such as plantations of saplings, Swach Bharath etc. When she joined engineering at VSM institute of Technology Nipani, LEAD came to knock at her door. An orientation program conducted by LEAD at her college began this unsurpassed journey of her life. The speeches given by various LEADers inspired her on that day and the very next hour, she came to be a part of LEAD.

A small thought at your very house can begin a great implement to life. LEADer Asavari noticed the problem at the place she stays. Her house is located in a market yard and every day the place gets polluted by dust, plastics, vegetable disposables etc. the place is cleaned every morning but not properly. Many plastics are left behind and also the organic waste that rise to give a foul smell. Asavari initiated to clean the area appropriately. On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, LEADer Asavari began cleaning the market place. She was opposed in the beginning but later many residents joined her. She made the people realize that every waste must be picked up and thrown away. After this practice, the market yard seems to be cleaner than before. With the success of her first project, LEADer Asavari began her next project ‘Sapling Plantation’. On that day as many sapling as possible were planted around the city. The LEADers not only planted but also made sure that each sapling received proper care till it’s grown fully.


The best part of LEADer Asavari’s journey is the support that she received from her family. On every project that she worked, her parents suggested ideas and methods for the completion of the project successfully. On various projects her dad also helped and therefore many other parents came to take part in the projects.

20160819_152119On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, LEADer Asavari and her team met with mentally disabled children to spend time with them. There is a part of society that people forget in their busy life. On this special day LEADers wanted to make them know that they are not forgotten. They also visited an orphanage of HIV positive children and spent time with them. In her next project, LEADer Asavari and her team went to a neighbouring village to set awareness of cleanliness in one’s home and also environment. They also visited each house and informed every person about the governmental schemes for the villages, farmers and scholarship programs for the children.

LEADer Asavari is proud to be in LEAD as she has changed her personality positively since she joined LEAD. She has had a lot to learn and develop. She is now a great team worker, cultured her leadership skills and is a very inspiring LEADer. She is now working on a bigger project ‘low cost 3D printer’ under LEAD. She feels that she can’t thank enough for being a part of LEAD. She promises to be a much better LEADer and bring bigger changes in the society.

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