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My story – Maruti Ningnure


To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity DOUGLAS ADAMS

LEADer Maruti is a person who began social service long before he joined LEAD. He used to volunteer at several camps that came across his town and was a constant helper to the Gram Panchayat at his village. All these activities were ones where he was being directed by others to do work but this all changed when he joined LEAD.

LEADer Maruti Sidappa Ningnure is a BCom second year student at the KLE Degree College, Ankali. He joined LEAD when he was studying his first year BCom. His significant works was recognized and he was approached by his friends to join LEAD. When he learnt of LEAD, he was very much happy to see that he could be a part of organization whose goals were similar to his. He found that LEAD could not only provide assistance in helping the society but also could help him as a student.

As any other LEADers, LEADer Maruti began his journey in LEAD through projects. His initial projects were Cleanliness project. He and his teammates first began around his college and then moved to the surrounding villages. They made 2 day camps at several villages to clean the surroundings. They also spread awareness of the importance of cleanliness. They were richly supported by the people and the Panchayat. They were provided with hand gloves and cleaning equipment. Whenever there are beneficial functions at the villages, the panchayat calls these LEADers for volunteering.

IMG-20180115-WA0193He has been a part of many Health camps by LEAD. He was also part of the Rally for rivers project. He showed active participation in it by spreading the awareness of the importance of water. He has worked on the Plantation project. They have successively planted more than 100 plants in his college and surroundings including the pathways beside Highways. Every year he takes the responsibility of cleanliness and plantations project.IMG-20180115-WA0172



He has also worked on the importance of Independence Day by speaking of the freedom fighters and their works.He took local freedom fighters as examples to show greater enthusiasm. Womens day, Workers day are few others he has worked on.



Tackling problems is the best thing I have learnt, says LEADer Maruti. Every project that we work upon have certain hurdles and the common one is facing the publics criticism. For example, when we worked on the Rally for Rivers project, we came across a common question. How does this benefit us? We had to make them understand the cycle of water and how it affects each and every one around the world. Better rains would give a better yield to crops that reach the people. Even the cleanliness project, we help them understand that its not only us who have to do it, they have to make sure they main the cleanliness by cleaning every day. They have made it possible by getting assistance from the panchayat in keeping dustbins at various places in town.

LEAD has become a very important part of my life, says LEADer Maruti. He has learnt a lot from LEAD that can help him in his own career life in future. LEAD helps in developing proper communication with the public and this helps LEADer Maruti as he is a Commerce student. LEADer Maruti has also attended LLP camp and through there has developed many connections that can help him in his future. He has planned to be the most resourceful person possible to LEAD in the future. He says that he cannot thank enough for what LEAD has given him.

Written by : Amruth Savadatti


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