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My Story – Omkar Bastawade


LEADership is not about how one commands in order to get the work done rather it is about how one has appropriate reflex actions to crucial situations. While everybody keeps moaning over the mishaps, here is a LEADer who broke out of the crowd and decided to fix the problem. Mr. Omkar Bastawade, is a LEADer from Chikkodi. He is currently pursuing his Bachaelor of Science degree from B.K.College, Chikkodi. A student with immense love for literature, music and chess. He also nurtures special intrests in photography and short movie direction.
LEADer Omkar was introduced to LEAD through an orientation program. Mr. Arihant Balikayi and Mr. Absar Patel played a prominent role in the LEAD journey of Omkar. Initially Omkar faced problems like lack of communication skills, poor networking and huge stage fear. But after he constantly associated himself with LEAD, he acquired a platform to work on all his weaknesses and overcome them. Omkar says today he bears all the courage to confidently address the crowd.

LEADer Omkar took numerous initiatives in LEAD. His maiden project was ‘Promotion Of Eco Friendly Lord Ganesh Idols’. During this project he visited 3 villages and sent a letter to all the vendors and idol makers through government that plaster of paris should be avoided and all the idols should be made of mud. He also took an initiative to ‘Save Water’. Here he fixed the water problem by repairing the leaky water tank and further took the responsibility of its maintenance.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 9.24.08 PMApart from all these projects there was one initiative which solved a major problem that many students faced. Omkar’s college had two other colleges in the same lane. Many students used the public transport to get to their colleges. All the colleges started at 8.30 in the morning. Since there were many students and barely any buses they faced many problems. The buses were overloaded. Students were standing till the last step of the bus. Due to this overflow many students could not even board the bus.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 9.24.52 PMLEADer Omkar decided to fix this issue. He wrote letters reporting the problems that students are facing. The Issue was addressed to the principal as well as the district depot manager. The officials responded positively but when it came to implementation there were no steps taken by either of them. Students still kept on facing the same problem. This is the time Omkar determined to take a bigger step. He went on a strike rite in front of the colleges. This strike was started by him and a small bunch of students. Knowing the cause many other students from different colleges joined them. The group did not give up until effective results were seen. This is when the authorities noticed and scheduled two buses morning and evening each. Also there were buses which cross the same path but had no stop to their college. The authorities commanded these buses also to have a stop for the students

This bold move was recognized and awarded during the the annual LEADership meet, ‘The YUVA SUMMIT’. LEADer Omkar Bastawade was appreciated for his determination to fix the problems that his fellow mates faced.

Best Initiative award at Yuva Summit
Best Initiative award at Yuva Summit

LEADer Omkar Bastawade is definitely an example for the moto of LEAD – “Complaints start with they, Solutions start with I”.

Omkar Talking about the initiative to the guests at Yuva summit
Omkar Talking about the initiative to the guests at Yuva summit


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