LEAD Stories

The Dynamo Project

LEADer: Weerdhawal Chowgule
Location: Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum

This project is especially designed for students going to school in rural areas, since the government has provided free bicycles to all the students. It will help them get electricity, the lack of which is the main problem in the rural sector of India. Weerdhawal had heard from his father that students in their village school couldn’t study due to an electricity problem. This project will help the student and his family. It can also be used for workers going to sites for work who use cycles. It is eco-friendly; no fuel is burnt to produce electricity, only the energy or efforts by the rider are required. To implement this project Weerdhawal went to his native place Shivaji High School, Kadoli, Belgaum, where he asked the principal for a student who comes from a far away village, is good at studies, and is physically fit. Then Weerdhawal told the student and his parents about the project. The parents were happy about it and even helped Weerdhawal to make some connections. 
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