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To the real heroes who fought the nightmare of nation!


This date, ten years ago, the whole of India began their day with an enthusiasm that was of a regular basis. The nation didn’t know what fate it would face that night. Mumbai city didn’t know the danger to her life. The whole of City and its citizens were busy in themselves and involved with their work. But as the sun set down, the night became the darkest they would ever see. The incident that befell Mumbai that night left everyone devastated. That night, few people didn’t return to their houses. Some felt their death, while some others saw death playing with lives. We have all seen what the city went through. There are some lives that are still affected by this horrifying incident. More than 160 people were killed and the attack went on for a stretch of 4 days. To save from complete destruction, the real heroes sacrificed their lives and families. National Security Guard, MACROS, Mumbai Police, Indian ATS and Indian fire brigade worked for consecutive 4 days. They didn’t only see their death but people’s death. They saw the people destroying their own country. They saw the devils raping their mother land and listened to her screaming. Hats off to those “Real Heroes for fighting selflessly.” May god give all of them and their families blessings and good and healthy life. And a rest in peace to those who can’t accompany us today. Today my motto of writing is not showing gratitude to all the respected martyrs but to remind myself and the readers about our duty towards country, to make it better one so that, sacrifices done by the legends won’t be wasted.
It can be very shameful to read the next thing that I have written. When it comes to respecting our army, police etc., I have heard things like “it’s their work to sacrifice their lives and family for nation as we are paying them”. Its a shame to listen such meaningless words. But I guess category of such people is very less and the maximum people know the value of having such great warriors. Our heroes sacrifice their lives and family to save the country. Do we want them to feel worthy of their work and sacrifice? Yes, they do save our country from external dangers but what about the insects inside, which are stopping us to grow.

We fight to be a part of a particular state, when, what actually matters is our nation  We fight for castes when what matters is humanity. When someone wants to do something good, 1000 people are there to drag him down instead of supporting for good cause. We will grow only if we are strong and together, despite of the color, the language we speak, the state we belong to, the caste or the god we worship to. What I think is that humanity is the only god and INDIAN is our identity. I am not trying to disrespect any caste or language or any state, but trying to tell that being INDIAN should be the first priority. In schools they teach about not to differentiate between castes. But at the time of admission what is askee is the caste validity certificate! Children go to schools on Independence Day and republic day with the flags in hands. Parents and teachers tell them how being INDIAN is important but only for a day! Rest of the time they will make sure their children know the rituals, customs and traditions of their caste. India is a country filled with traditions, we should follow them but by being INDIAN not by presenting one particular culture. We should grow with time and as we are growing now, we are forgetting an important factor of life called, “humanity”! Humanity towards not only human beings but also to all the animals, to all kind of creatures in this world. Respecting each other, their thoughts, their existence, their opinions etc. Following basic morals are the basic concepts to develop in a good way. When we follow them, we will stand together to fight the pests inside the country which are stopping us to grow. Our officers, army, police are doing their job to protect country from external dangers. And when they fight, they don’t belong to any caste or state or culture but to the humanity and they are nothing but INDIANS. Let’s stand together as INDIANS to fight against the internal problems. I guess that will be the biggest and meaningful tribute to the sacrifices and the efforts done by the heroes.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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