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Traffic management


Team Leader: Jugal V. Hirani

Project Date: 25/03/2011- 09/06/2011

Place of Implementation: BVB College gate area

College: BVB College, Hubli
Team Leader Jugal V. Hirani experienced many accidents in front of his college and worried for the many schoolchildren that run across this road while going or returning from school. Many two-wheeler users also faced a problem while going across the very busy road. Jugal V. Hirani decided that the time had come to make the area safer for everyone, so he took the project of traffic management into his own hands.

The first step the team took was to conduct a sign campaign around the college to involve as many people as they could in their project. They also asked the principal of BVBCET for permission for the project. They publicized with sign-up tables around campus and received over 500 signatures in just one day. The team took pictures and videos of the traffic in front of the BVB college gate. Now with the photos and signatures  as support the only thing left to do was to get an appointment with the Commissioner. After around one month, they finally got an appointment. After a long discussion with them, the Commissioner assured them that the traffic problem would be taken care of with a new road that they were planning to build.

The most difficult part of this process was getting an appointment with the HDMC commissioner. He was frequently busy with election work and being out of town.

The most memorable part of this project for the team was the appreciation and support they received from their college community. They were often told that they made their parents and their college very proud.

The team and the team leader learned many life-long lessons throughout the execution of this project, which
included organizing, delegation, and communication skills.

A couple things the team thinks they could have improved on were more planning to save time and maybe educating pedestrians and two-wheelers on how to safely cross the road.

The greatest achievement of this project was that a new, larger, better, and safer road is going to be built. This will ensure a safer place to live for many citizens of Hubli.

This project  has motivated the team and team leader to continue to positively serve society in any way they can.

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