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Women always seek for opportunities to grab on and work hard to earn for their living. They always aim to work for the betterment of their family. LEADer Madhu from Bapuji Polytechnic College, Davangere, Karnataka came up with an initiative that would provide an opportunity for women and also drop out students. 


She visited a village in Davangere and she  first convinced the women to get together at a place and then she briefed about what exactly they wished to teach the women and how it would help them. She explained how this small manufacturing of handmade materials can be made and then how they can sell it in the market and earn money. 


Once the women and few drop out students were convinced for this, Madhu started her teaching classes everyday for a week. She has trained 15  of them about how a product can be made of silk threads, quilling, and terracotta jewellery. Women were inspired and their interest raised day by day and made this training a successful one. They also then learnt to get their product a price by selling in the market. This initiative has contributed to the improvement of their livelihood. 


During the project, Madhu could learn about communication skills, marketing strategies, and her courage doubled than before. Women were so happy and appreciative towards her. They blessed her with charming gratitude and joy. Helping in enhancing others’ lives is really an amazing initiative by Madhu.


Written by : Priyanka Kammar

Email ID : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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