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Usage of Newspaper Bags

LEADer: Shruti V.
Location: Rural Engineering College, Hulkoti
Making the world plastic free is a big task, but Shruti feels that “if you want to bring a change then first I need to change then I can change anything.”
Shruti and her team collected old and waste newspapers in order to re-use them in the forms of bags to carry light things. They took permission from the principal to implement it at the college campus also. These bags were given at Xerox & stationary shops to use rather than plastic bags.
Newspapers from scrap shops, pieces of rope, gum and all other required materials were collected. Using these materials many bags were prepared. The team gave all these bags to shops for usage, though they started to use them first.
Usage of plastic at campus and in surroundings will be controlled to some extent so people will be benefited.
  Trying to reduce plastic bags in campus because plastic cannot be decomposed. The team is trying to maintain a pollution-free campus.
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