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Vrdudhapya and Vidhawa Vetana.


Every independent country has a government which aims at the betterment of their citizens. They provide all the required facilities in different ways to different age groups. In India, every age group people are provided with a variety of schemes which facilitate in their better living. But in rural areas, people hardly get information regarding these facilities and even if they are aware about it, they may not know the procedure to take its use. 


In aware of this hurdle, when LEADer Raju Budihally and team from Bapuji Polytechnic  College, Chitradurga took up an initiative to help old age people and widows by facilitating them to pension scheme. They visited a village named Budihally for survey and came across few number of women who weren’t aware about the pension scheme and the method to get the benefit of it. So, during the survey they noted the count of people who wanted to apply for the pension scheme.



With this village they also visited four more villages like Metikurke, Nennivala, Hiriyur, and Challakere to create awareness regarding the pension scheme and helped the people who wanted to apply for it with the help of Panchayat Development Officer. Around 100 women of these different villages were benefited by the project. All the villagers were happy and felt really helpful for this act by LEADers. They thanked them and appreciated for their efforts which doubled the strength and courage of LEADers to work harder. 

During the project, LEADers learnt the importance of providing awareness to people who require, speaking skills, leadership skills, and management techniques. 



There are a lot of such facilities available, but not everyone who needs gets connected with it. Such initiatives create the awareness and makes the best possible use of the available sources. So, its every person’s responsibility to be a part of such help for the people who require and make their life easy and comfortable.


Written by : Priyanka Kammar

Email ID : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com


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