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What is the significance of wall painting by LEADer Pooja and her team?

While humans are intelligent primates, humans gain extra responsibilities with the increase in evolution. Which responsibility do you think is more important to us as a beautiful creature and an essential part of the earth? Hope your answer is respecting and caring for mother nature! It should be our priority to value every gift that nature provides us from all the necessities to the freedom to explore the world.

Nowadays, we come across so many issues related to some gifts of nature. Especially problems related to water and food. We see some people who have the availability of excess food and water wasting it; and on the other side, some people face scarcity of food and water. It is very important to create awareness among people to value it and not waste any of it.

Here, we have a LEADer, Pooja Patil with her team of 14 LEADers, who stepped forward to aware people of the importance of food and water in a unique way. LEADer Pooja is from Nipani, she has completed her Bachelor of Science from KLE Society’s G. I. Bagewadi College, Nipani. She joined LEAD in the year 2019. And now, she is working as a trainer in the Deshpande Skilling from the year 2021. Intending to grow better each day, she contributes to the betterment and development of society too.

Observing the problems faced by few people and stray animals due to the unavailability of food and water to them, she came up with a great idea through which she can spread her thoughts of awaring people to value food and water. LEADer Pooja along with her team, made wall paintings at Deshpande skilling campus in December which quoted the importance of food and water. The team spent 4 days on the project.

LEAD mentors were great supporters for the LEADers to complete the project. They helped the LEADers by arranging the resources required for the paintings and guiding LEADers wherever needed. The paintings are beautiful and captivating with a profound message. Everyone on the campus appreciated the alluring work done by the LEADers. The hot climate was the only hurdle for the LEADers. Yet, LEADers didn’t maintain their consistency of work by wearing caps and protecting themselves.

From this initiative, LEADers learned teamwork, managerial skills, art, critical thinking, and a unique way to approach and solve issues. “The learning from this project and the appreciation received from everyone is of great importance to me,” says Pooja.

Written By: Priyanka Kammar

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