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A day to celebrate Her – Women’s Day.


It begins with Her, the reason why life exists. She is the one who bears the pain to reproduce a new life, she is the one who takes care, nurtures, and provides a safe space to the new life from birth till her last breath. She is born with potential and even you are a part of her potential.

She is beautiful beyond the race. She is adorable in her way. She is amazing with her beauty. All women are astonishingly talented to work smart in every aspect. She takes care and provides love for their family, their work, and themselves in a great way. She achieves whatever she wishes to. She is unstoppable. She grows with different responsibilities and with no doubt manages each one of them well. When born, she spreads love, smiles, and infinite happiness to the family. Then she grows to be a well-obeying daughter. Transforming from a child to an adult, to take up the responsibility of her family, she fulfills her and her family’s wishes. And then, comes the time for her to choose another family with many new responsibilities. She accepts her new family as her own, takes care of and loves them with all her heart. She plays a prominent role of a loving and supportive life partner, a proud daughter-in-law, then a guiding mother.

She is the one who stands by you in your every failure. She never lets you fail. She dedicates her entire life to embrace others’ lives. She has her own identity, every time she can’t be entitled to someone’s name. Even she wishes to enjoy life to the fullest. She can travel the world, all alone! She can be independent. She is the one who gives you the reason to live life. All she needs is support from family and society. She isn’t to be always blamed for any wrong thing. She deserves respect and support when she opts to fulfill her dreams which may make her arrive late at night or work during the night.

Day or night, at work or home, anywhere she travels, she has to be respected! What if she has to suffer for her expectations? Her hands are tied up with the responsibility of the family. She takes care of everyone, does anyone take care of her! We live in the 21st century. Equality, freedom, respect, safety are all her rights.
Nothing can stop her if she sets an unbreakable aim in her life. She can take the form of Goddess Lakshmi to spread happiness and wealth, Goddess Saraswati to spread knowledge, and also Goddess Durga to kill the grievance.

We, the LEAD family, wish every admiring woman, A very enlightened and blissful Women’s Day.

Written by: Priyanka Kammar

Email ID: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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