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“Writting Printer”- Converting an image into words and drawings became easy!


It is true that “Necessity is mother of innovations” but sometimes hobbies create can create a great innovation. The story behind “Written Printer is no different. LEADer Paul Dsouza from Bharatesh Polytechnic College, Belagavi is crazy for the technical innovations. He came across a system of 3D printing and he started searching on it. “When 3D printers can create a model then can a device print the words or a drawing on paper when the soft copy is given to the machine?”. This was the question which was poking paul. The innovator in him could not keep calm and he started working on his idea.

Paul has been blessed with multiple skills and an important factor, “Dedication” towards his work from childhood. Seeing to his intelligence his parents supported him in all the way they can. Still there was something missing in his journey and he came across LEAD. To be with equal minds and to get a proper mindset for his entrepreneurial journey he joined LEAD. He started working on “Writing Printer”. This machine works with the help of various softwares. One has to upload a document in the particular format and machine prints the content or the drawing on paper. LEADer Paul has been using this product level, though the idea is very simple it can solve a lot of writing issues in corporate world. Paul has implemented many softwares in one product for different purposes. For this product he has won prizes at various exhibitions. With all those winning he is working on the product to make sure that it helps people.

LEADer Paul joined LEAD to have an exposure of likewise mindset and proper guidance but with that he got another perspective for this life and the society. As an entrepreneur he always wanted to work on innovative things and the environment at LEAD made him solve the issues of with his innovative mind. LEAD provided him a platform for his entrepreneurial journey also gave a new perspective for life. Now he is working on a solution which can help people and the society. When the innovative minds are guided in proper direction the best is the only can happen.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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