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Nataraj Puram Gupta is from NIZAMABAD and he is pursuing Degree 2nd year in SSR Degree College, Nizamabad. He had passion to serve the society, besides that he was also the president of ROTARACT club, NZB which is basically a club in their college with intention to serve for the society. As, his principal observed him as an active participant, he made him to join in LEAD as a representative from his college. This opportunity made him to get inspired by the works and projects of LEAD, then he wanted to be a part of the inspiration. So he has been encouraged by his friends, teachers and family for his Innovative ideas. So, he started to implement his ideas by doing projects in LEAD.

Leaders addressing the students about the drug addiction

        Every year on June 26th globally, awareness against drug abuse and illicit trafficking takes place, Situations goes worst when people lose their presence of mind. It’s not only the drug that make him a drug addict but it is the need to escape the reality like after fighting with friends, failing an exam or love failure. These types of situations are increasingly happening where people are getting addicted to drugs and spoil their own life. Addiction is a  like touching a spider web , One person may touch it but whole family and other surrounding people who live with that drug addict also suffer.

         So, to avoid this problem LEADer Nataraj Puram Gupta and his CO-LEADers from Nizamabad on the occasion of international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. They have taken an initiative to give awareness to the youth who gets addicted to the drugs. They have conducted few competitions like essay, debate and drawing on the same topic to make them know what happens if youth gets addicted to drugs. They have conducted competitions for three days in Government Polytechnic College & Government Women’s Polytechnic Nizamabad i.e., from 22, 24 & 25th of June 2019.

More than 200 students participated in the competitions. On the day of International Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, LEAD has conducted an awareness camp and felicitation ceremony for the winners of competition in association with District Legal Services and Authority and Rotary Club of Nizamabad for the students of Government Polytechnic College. They invited District Senior Civil Judge Mrs. Kiran Mahi, President of Rotary Club of Nizamabad Mr. RTN Raj kumar Subedher and Psychiatrist Dr. Vishal who gave awareness about causes of drug addictions and problems they face.

Activity was conducted to the students

As the project has been successful, they got a lot of attention and appreciation from prominent personalities for their dedication towards the project. He says that teamwork has been the important and crucial to make the project successful which was a bit of struggle. also counselling and explaining to the students was another difficult task. His main concern is the most of the youth are getting distracted because of consumption of alcohol and drugs. So he suggested the students the right and wrong things to choose by giving them the best examples and explanation. They may know how things are going wrong and they may realize their mistakes by giving them a psychological motivational counsellings.

His project was great success because it has reached more than 500 students who are play a main role in society. They can spread these words within a small period of time among their community. It was a great initiative taken by the leader. He also explained and taught them about Leadership qualities, that “ LEADER is the one who supports the society by making many good LEADERS like him and take first step instead of waiting for others”.

His next plan is to make some radio contest or to remake of usage of radio channels which can be more effective in reaching the youth. We wish him the very best for their career.

Written by: Pathan Roshan Khan

E-mail id: roshankhanpathan21@gmail.com

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