LEAD campus Partners Million Genie

MillionGenie is a startup dedicated to bridge the gap between the patients looking for blood and the donors. This is a common platform which connects the Seekers, Donors, Blood Banks and the Hospitals. By providing the latest and easy-to-use features, we want to enable people to raise a request for blood at any point of time, at any given place without having to run from pillar to post searching for any particular blood type. By providing the fastest solution time possible for any request raised, a helpful Customer Support and presence all over India, including the rural areas, we want to ensure that every life gets the help needed during any blood emergency.

MillionGenie Blood Emergency:

One can get help from nearby donors in case of any urgent requirement of the blood for patient. MillionGenie instantly connect seekers to nearby donors for blood donation and many of them can come up for providing help as per number of blood units required. Blood donors and seeker both will get real-time update of the activity and a communication channel will be established between them. You will also come to know about ongoing blood camps along with it's location through our application which will increase awareness for blood donation.

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