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LEAD Prayana


LEAD Prayana which began in 2012 with just 63 students, is an annual leadership journey and now takes around 120+ passionate students aged 18-26 from throughout India on a 14-day tour across Karnataka with one motto, "Unleash Leadership Potential".

Two week fun-filled days you will meet and hear from more than 10 inspiring role models and speakers, see their extraordinary work, visit more than 8 destinations, take part in panel sessions, explore more than 12 unique organizations, institutions, MNC's and industries and create your own groups to share your hands-on experiential learning and build entrepreneurial and leadership mindset.

Through this leadership journey, we aim to instill in the participants, a need to bring change through effective leadership and build entrepreneurial mindset. In the past eight years, in all the annual journeys throughout Karnataka, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh, we have had 1034 students go on this experience of a lifetime journey.

Travel... Explore... Interact... Fun... Networking... Team Building... Workshops... Team Work... Selfie... Hands on Activities... JuGuJa... Transform... Change... in a journey of lifetime.



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