Celebrate The Leadership Initiatives of Young LEADers

The appreciating, awarding and networking event of young LEADers is LEAD Valedictory. The innovative projects of the academic year are identified, showcased and awarded during Valedictory ceremony. Here the LEADers meet up to appreciate their self and others to boost their will power for betterment on society.

LEAdership story sharing also happens where LEADers narrate the story of their journey to overcoming the obstacles and realizing their dream. LEAD Valedictory is held at various locations of LEAD

LEAD Valedictory ceremony is celebrated to commemorate the hard work, innovation and achievement of young leaders of this particular year. LEAD Valedictory is also the time to start thinking about the year to come. LEADers were promoted to Master LEADer in order to start their journey in promoting LEAD throughout their colleges and helping to unleash the leadership potential in those students around them. This day for the LEADers is the next step in the LEAD levels and a great achievement.


: 29th March
: 10:30 am - 01:30 pm
: Krishnaji M : 990-003-5261
: 968-665-4748
: Bapuji Polytechnic College, Shabanur, Davangere


: 30thMarch
: 10:30 am - 01:30 pm
: Praveen: 954-201-0173
: 968-665-4748
: New Ambedkar Bhavan, Khalilwadi, Near Auditorium, Nizamabad, Telangana


: 31st March
: 08:00 am - 01:30 pm
: Chandan: 945-460-6956
: 968-665-4748
: GTA, MCIIE, IIT(BHU), Varanasi


: 03rd April
: 10:30 am - 01:30 pm
: Gurusiddayya: 990-003-5214
: 968-665-4748
: Deshpande Foundation, DCSE Building, Vidyanagar, Hubballi


: 08th April
: 10:30 am - 01:00 pm
: Santosh B: 741-147-9474
: 968-665-4748
: B.L.D.E.A's V.P. DR. P.G Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, Vijayapur


: 10th April
: 10:00 am - 01:30 pm
: Akshata: 815-090-5497
: 968-665-4748
: KLEMSSCET, Angol, Belagavi

Join us in the Valedictory ceremony to experience the fun and learning of the year.

For assistance participations and for more details please call to
Mr. Rakesh T
: rakesh.lead@dfmail.org
: 782-952-9040


LEAD Valedictory 2019 Davanagere
LEAD Valedictory 2019: Davanagere
LEAD Vijayapur Valedictory 2018
LEAD Valedictory 2018: Vijayapura(Bijapur)
LEAD Belagavi Valedictory 2018
LEAD Valedictory 2018: Belagavi
LEAD Davangere Valedictory 2018
LEAD Valedictory 2018: Davangere
LEAD Hubballi Valedictory 2018
LEAD Valedictory 2018: Hubballi


LEAD Valedictory Nizamabad 2018
LEAD Valedictory Belagavi 2018
LEAD Valedictory Vijayapura 2018
LEAD Valedictory Davangere 2018
LEAD Valedictory Hubballi 2018


Lead prayana Gallery
Lead prayana Gallery
Lead prayana Gallery
Lead prayana Gallery