Pick up & Execute competition

  • Who can apply?
    => Youth age between 18 to 26 participate
  • Implemented ideas must be in the LEAD app and the title should start with the word as PICK, For example for the idea Addressing road safety issues the name in LEAD app must be PICK_ Addressing road safety issues
  • Whom to seek Seed funding?
    =>The LEAD mentors of respective locations.
  • Beneficiary details data, Permission letters and project expenses bills and other documents should be uploaded after the completions or implementations.
  • Students may execute any number of ideas.
  • The leader who scores more by taking initiatives will be awarded as Top Performing Leader of the competition.
# Level of initiatives Score
1 Initiators 10
2 Change Maker 100
3 Impactful 300
Registration FREE for LEAD Students, Rs.100/- for NON Lead Students

An initiative taken to resolve the immediate problem within 8 hours.

# Idea Criteria core
1 Awareness among the Children about Personal, hygiene 8 Hours of involvement and reaching minimum 30 students with Beneficiary Data
2 Tuitions for children during or after school 8 Hours of Involvement and reaching 10 to 20 Students with Beneficiary Data
3 Teaching mathematics of school children 8 Hours of Involvement and reaching 10 to 20 Students
4 Digital education (teaching internet and computer skills) to Public or to students 1 week initiatives to reach 30 students or people with Beneficiary Data
5 Collecting books for donating to schools or creating free library Collecting 100 books in 2 days
6 Homework club or help with homework 15 days of initiatives with minimum 10 students with Beneficiary Data
7 Teaching traditional folk songs and dances 30 students at one school with Beneficiary Data
8 Every morning exercise for all age group in nearby parks 10 days program at a park by gathering at least 15 tp 20 people at park with Beneficiary Data
9 Initiative towards creating awareness among industrial workers about health care for example wearing masks during working 2 days initiative with at least 20 people with Beneficiary Data
10 Awareness of Govt Schemes at villages Reaching 50 Villagers in 8 Hours with Beneficiary Data
11 Organize a reading hour for children at your locality Involving 10 to 30 students for a week with Beneficiary Data
12 Addressing road safety issues Should reach the minimum 25 people with 8 hours of Leaders involvement with Beneficiary Data
13 Teaching bookkeeping and ledger maintenance skill to shop holders 30 shop holder in a day, with Beneficiary Data
14 Awareness about emergency numbers Covering minimum 3 Public places like Bus stop, Railway station, College , Temple ETC…
15 Natural pesticide alternatives Should reach the minimum 25 Farmers with 8 hours of Leaders involvement With Beneficiary data
16 Community clean-up Spending a day with community and awareness , and fixing any issues like Garbage cleaning , Putting sign boards, Govt scheme awareness
17 Making your college campus plastic-free one day program at college with presentation and quotation on college walls
18 Removal of harmful weeds College/Community/Temple 8 Hours Involvement in removing the harmful weeds to save soil
19 Collecting e Waste materials and educating to save environment 1 day awareness program with reaching at least 30 families
20 Water conservation 1 Day program aware at least 30 families
21 Small society level functions to appreciate young and elder citizens for their achievements 1 Event can be conducted
22 Work with the local health department to set up an immunization day or clinic to immunize children against childhood diseases. 30 to 50 parents need to reach for 8 hours , maintain Beneficiary data
23 Survey and collecting blood donors list to help collecting min 100 peoples blood group in 3 days
24 Nail clipping for poor children Reaching min 100 of children’s in weak
25 Awareness and registration for organ donation Ensuring 50 people to donate the organs in a week with beneficiary details
26 Teaching yoga and meditation Teaching 30 students or public in 4 days with 8 hours involvement
27 Healthy eating Awareness to 50 people in 2 days
28 Promotion of medicinal plants Giving awareness to public and reaching 50 to 100 people
29 Celebrating birthdays and festivals in orphanage and old age homes visit and celebrating the birthdays
30 Donating clothes and daily basic needs to the poor’s Reaching at least 50 people
31 Hold a bake sale for your favourites charity reaching at least 5 charities
32 Organize fun games competition to children and villagers organizing in one village
33 Read books or letters to a person who is visually impaired Doing frequently whenever they are free
34 Collect unused makeup and perfume to donate to a centre for abused women. 1 day initiative and collecting at least 2 kg of material and providing to poor woman
35 Help deliver meals and gifts to patients at a local hospital. 1 week initiative in donating the meals to patients and covering needy people
36 collect blankets and to be donated to hospitals or homeless shelters 8 hours activity in collecting donating 5 homeless shelters
37 Collect baby clothes and supplies to donate to needy new parents. 8 hours initiative and donate needy children
38 Collect used sports equipment to donate to Poor Children and after-school programs 1 week activity in collecting equipment’s and providing to after school program kids or poor kids
39 Host a holiday meal for senior citizens Offer a meal to old age people
40 Perform a concert or play at a senior center Organize the concert at a old age home
41 Organizing events and festivals for holidays in villages or slums 1 day activity in organizing events
42 Painting/fixing houses or public property Painting public places may bus stop , public water tank etc..
43 Bus schedule on bus stops collecting bus schedule details at bus stop and putting on notice boared which helps t floting crowed
44 Rangoli Compitition to Women on Sankranthi Festival Prepartaion and involment of atleast 20 women at a place and organizing one compititin among women
45 Teaching students on Good touch and Bad touch Reaching 50 kids to help them to know what is good and bad touch